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1++ Change Log 2005
3Dec. 29, 2005 (1.20beta4 / WikidPadCompact 1.5.5beta3, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 50)
6    * Extended table support: wiki words, bold and italic
7      text can now be used in table cells and the ...
8    * same support in todo items now works correctly
10    * Per-wiki-option to define a fixed wiki word to show when
11      wiki is opened
12    * Regular expression support for page search (menu
13      "Editor"->"Find and Replace")
14    * For wiki-wide search, the number of occurring matches on
15      a page can be displayed.
16    * Function key F6 to switch between tree and editor
18    * Some bugs fixed
21Dec. 20, 2005 (1.20beta3, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 48)
23*Warning*: This version has a new database format. It is converted
24automatically when opening a wiki the first time. Making a backup
25beforehand is therefore recommended! The conversion may need a few
26moments, please be patient.
28    * Basic table support. Example:
30    <<|
31    here| nowhere| somewhere
32    else| where?| elsewhere
33    >>
35    * The .wiki filenames have no more brackets
36    * Option to forbid cycles in trees (see [OptionsDialog])
37    * Option to filter properties to show in HTML preview and export (see [OptionsDialog])
38    * A few bugs fixed. Among others:
39        * Wrong line endings in clipboard
40        * WPCompact: Missing RE prevents wrap text from work
41        * WPCompact: Creation of new wikis and importing doesn't work (wrong formatver)
44Dec. 10, 2005 (1.20beta2, repository revision in "mbutscher" branch: 44)
46*Warning*: This version has a new database format. It is converted
47automatically when opening a wiki the first time. Making a backup
48beforehand is therefore recommended!
50    1. *User interface*
51        1. When choosing a wiki word to go to (by using the
52           "view parents", "view parentless nodes", etc. menu
53           functions) you can in the dialog choose one or more wiki
54           pages to *delete*, so e.g. all parentless nodes can be
55           deleted at once.
56        2. *HTML-Preview*. At the top of the editor window there are
57           two tabs "Edit" and "Preview". If you click the "Preview"
58           tab you see the rendered HTML-View of the current editor
59           content. In the options you can choose the font face to
60           use in the preview.
61        3. *Completely new wiki-wide search dialog*. It replaces the
62           "view saved-searches" function and its dialog. You can now
63           edit the wiki while the dialog is open yet
64           (=non-modal dialog). For details see [SearchingTheWiki].
66    2. *New options to handle tree*
67        1. *"Tree auto-follow"*: The tree tries to always select the
68           wiki word currently shown in the editor or HTML-view.
69        2. *"Tree update after save"*: After each (automatic or manual)
70           save the tree icons and shown children are updated. This
71           may need some time and may create some flicker going from
72           top to bottom through the tree.
74    3. Other
75        1. *Faster startup* by caching initially created regular
76           expressions in a file named "regexpr.cache" in the
77           application directory. (Deleting it is always safe and
78           recommended after changing WikiSyntax)
79        2. Option to handle numeric only words (=*footnotes*) as
80           wiki words or regular text. This option applies to the
81           current wiki only
82        3. In export dialog: option to use *compatible filenames* which
83           contain ASCII-only characters, so sets of HTML files are
84           more compatible to other filesystems.
86    4. Fixed bug
87        1. *WikiWord and [WikiWord]* were different words
90Oct. 13, 2005 (1.20beta1)
92    1. *Unicode support*. This means:
93        1. Characters from any language in the text (if font and
94           operating system support them).
95        2. Arbitrary alphanumeric characters (as defined by Unicode
96           consortium) for non-camelCase wiki words (if operating and
97           file system supports it), except numeric only words, like
98           e.g. [42].
99        3. Support for all characters in incremental search.
101    2. Changes in *wiki syntax*:
102        1. Before and after the tags to escape formatting (<< and >>)
103           only whitespaces are allowed on the same line. See
104           TextFormatting.
105        2. Escaping spaces when executing a search as part of a link.
106           Example: This link
107           WikiDocumentAttributes#creating# a# new# wiki .
108           A # is escaped as ##.
109        3. Arbitrary alphanumeric characters (see 1.2.)
111    3. The *editor*:
112        1. Drag and drop of text.
113        2. Faster syntax highlighting. For pages bigger than 10 KBytes,
114           it is done in the background, so you might notice a delay
115           before the highlighting is updated.
116        3. New menu item "Replace Text by WikiWord". Select some text you
117           want to move to a new wiki page, choose the item and enter the
118           name of the new page. On the old page, the text will be
119           replaced by a link to the new one.
120        4. Possibility to change the date format for "Insert Date"
121        5. New menu item "Wikize selected word" to convert selected words
122           to a valid wiki word.
123        6. Menu and toolbar plugin to add a list of the children and
124           parents of a wiki word to a page.
125        7. Menu plugin to create new wiki words with auto-generated
126           names. (Name looks like  [New124536] with a unique number).
127        8. Right handling of numbered lists with multiple levels of
128           numbering (like this one). See also BulletedLists. Written by
129           Gerhard Reitmayr.
131    4. The *user interface*:
132        1. Submenu to choose colors similar to icons.
133        2. In the dialogs "Open word" and "Search wiki" you can use
134           cursor up/down to move between text field and the list below
135           the field.
136        3. "Set as root" menu item to choose an arbitrary wiki word as
137           root of the tree on the left.
138        4. Add menu and toolbar items as Python plugins (no documentation
139           yet, but example in extensions/ Written by
140           Gerhard Reitmayr.
141        5. Arbitrary nested todo and property entries in the View tree.
142           See WikiDocumentAttributes and TodoItems.
144    5. *Options* dialog in the "Wiki" menu:
145        1. "Minimize to Tray".
146        2. "Hide undefined wiki words in tree". Undefined children words
147           of a word are not shown in the tree if this is checked.
148        3. "Start browser after export". If this is checked, after
149           exporting HTML or XML, the standard web browser is started to
150           show the result.
151        4. "New window on wiki URL". If checked, activating a "wiki:" URL
152           opens a new WikidPad window (only if   'Handle URLs with
153           "wiki:" by WikidPad'   was checked when WikidPad was
154           installed). If not checked, the same window is reused to open
155           the selected wiki.
156        5. "Low resource usage". Uses less GDI and user resources on
157           Windows 95/98/ME, especially if minimized. Changing this
158           setting takes effect only after restarting WikidPad.
160    6. *Internals*:
161        1. Plugin manager by Gerhard Reitmayr.
162        2. Slower but more reliable HTML/XML export.
165Jan. 08, 2005
167    1. Fixed shell hook for opening .wiki files. Found fix here:
169    2. Added a 4th heading size (++++).
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