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1++ Incremental Search
3When in a document type CTRL-F or F3 to start an incremental search in
4the left field of the status bar.
5When in incremental search mode anything you type becomes a search
6string, and as you type you are brought to matches in the current
7text. Typing CTRL-F, or F3 again or typing CURSOR DOWN or PAGE DOWN
8will "Search Next" while SHIFT-F3, CURSOR UP or PAGE UP search
11To exit incremental search mode type ENTER.
13Incremental search supports regex. For example: To match the
14word "incremental" or the word "search" in this document, type:
18Then type CTRL-F again to cycle through the matches.
21Further details of the behavior of inc. search:
23    * Ctrl-F while text is selected in editor copies it to search
24      field up to the first newline or up to 30 characters
25    * F3 starts search field with last search entered
26    * Search starts at cursor position (1.8beta5 and prior started
27      always at page beginning)
28    * ENTER terminates search and keeps last found text selected (if any)
29    * ESC terminates search and goes back where search began
30    * Clicking outside of the search field terminates search
31    * If search pattern is found search field is green
32    * If search pattern is not found search field is yellow
33    * If search pattern is an invalid regex, color doesn't change
36In the options dialog, page "Searching" there is also an option
37"Delay before auto-close". Entering a number greater 0 denotes the
38number of seconds of inactivity before incremental search is closed
39automatically. 0 means "wait forever".
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