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  • Option to set tab width
  • Combined wiki-wide search and page list construction into one dialog to allow more comfortable search and more options to define page sets for export or print
  • Basic support for continuous export
  • Windows: Windows meta-files (vector graphic format) are saved as files if inserted into WikidPad from clipboard
  • Windows binary: Necessary VC++ runtime libraries now included in installer
  • New syntax \<<hide >> to hide a block from preview and export
  • New insertion "self" to include current page name into page
  • Menu items to insert color or icon name into editor (in addition to the insert of attributes)
  • No more unnecessary jumping around of page when ending or aborting incremental search (thanks to Christian Ziemski).
  • Bug fixed: Creating a wiki-bound func. page in an "original" database linked to absolute path of page file instead of relative path (this means that you can't move such a wiki to a new location).
  • Bug fixed: "Replace All" in wiki-wide search did not work, replacing links to a renamed wiki page did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Non-existing pages had no parents (which also affected template creation)
  • Bug fixed: List of parentless nodes was wrong
  • Bug fixed: Insertion \[:toc:] did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Jumping between footnote and footnote anchor did not work in editor.
  • Bug fixed: HTML publishing as set of HTML pages and as single page was mixed up.
  • Bug fixed: Adding icon or color attribute failed.
  • Bug fixed: Attribute \[view_pane: editor] did not work.
  • Bug fixed: If repeating an incremental search with escaped RE characters (e.g. '.', '?') the escaping backslashes accumulated.
  • Bug fixed: Preview failed on heading line (e.g. "+++") without content
  • Bug fixed: Heading level could be off by one.
  • Bug fixed: todo did not work inside a line.
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1++ Menu Extra
3++ Export
4Shows a dialog to set precisely what to export, whereto and in which format. See [WikiExport].
6++ Continuous Export
7Shows a dialog to set precisely what to export, whereto and in which format for the continuous export. See [WikiExport#+ Continuous export].
9++ Import
10Shows a dialog to import wiki pages into wiki. See [WikiImport].
12++ Scripts
13Allows execution of Python scripts. See [InlinePythonEval].
15+++ Eval
16If text is selected it is evaluated and result is inserted after it (useful as calculator).
17If no text selected, all scripts on the page, including
19+++ Run Function #
20Run one of six numbered scripts on the page (or imported from another page).
22++ Options
23Starts the options dialog. See [OptionsDialog].
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