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  • Option to set tab width
  • Combined wiki-wide search and page list construction into one dialog to allow more comfortable search and more options to define page sets for export or print
  • Basic support for continuous export
  • Windows: Windows meta-files (vector graphic format) are saved as files if inserted into WikidPad from clipboard
  • Windows binary: Necessary VC++ runtime libraries now included in installer
  • New syntax \<<hide >> to hide a block from preview and export
  • New insertion "self" to include current page name into page
  • Menu items to insert color or icon name into editor (in addition to the insert of attributes)
  • No more unnecessary jumping around of page when ending or aborting incremental search (thanks to Christian Ziemski).
  • Bug fixed: Creating a wiki-bound func. page in an "original" database linked to absolute path of page file instead of relative path (this means that you can't move such a wiki to a new location).
  • Bug fixed: "Replace All" in wiki-wide search did not work, replacing links to a renamed wiki page did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Non-existing pages had no parents (which also affected template creation)
  • Bug fixed: List of parentless nodes was wrong
  • Bug fixed: Insertion \[:toc:] did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Jumping between footnote and footnote anchor did not work in editor.
  • Bug fixed: HTML publishing as set of HTML pages and as single page was mixed up.
  • Bug fixed: Adding icon or color attribute failed.
  • Bug fixed: Attribute \[view_pane: editor] did not work.
  • Bug fixed: If repeating an incremental search with escaped RE characters (e.g. '.', '?') the escaping backslashes accumulated.
  • Bug fixed: Preview failed on heading line (e.g. "+++") without content
  • Bug fixed: Heading level could be off by one.
  • Bug fixed: todo did not work inside a line.
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1++ Menu Format
3++ Bold
4Marks selection in editor with appropriate markup for bold text.
6++ Italic
7Marks selection in editor with appropriate markup for italics.
9++ Heading
10Marks line containing text cursor with markup for a heading.
12This can be used multiple times to change heading level.
14++ Rewrap Text
15Rewraps text (adds/removes newlines) to make each line contain no more characters as defined in "wrap" attribute. See [TextFormatting].
17++ Convert
18+++ Selection to Link
19Makes the selected text in editor to a wiki link by removing forbidden characters.
21+++ Selection to Wiki Word
22Moves selected text to another wiki word and places a link to this word where the text was.
24You are asked for the name of the word. If you enter an existing wiki word you are asked if you want to append the text to this word.
26++ Icon Name
27Insert name of selected icon at cursor position.
29++ Color Name
30Insert name of selected color at cursor position.
32++ Add Attribute
33Allows to append to a page the appropriate attribute to give the related node in tree the selected icon or color.
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