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  • New menu structure, see [Menus]
  • New free icon set (thanks to Jan Stegehuis)
  • Complete new syntax processing engine
  • Some options in OptionsDialog? moved to "Advanced" option pages
  • Option to allow headings of a page as additional aliases when opening page. See [OptionsDialog?#*Headings as aliases: Up to heading depth*]
  • Bug fixed: Linux: Function keys produced characters
  • Bug fixed: Linux: Timeline contained initially only one item
  • Bug fixed: Sqlite: Bad conversion of object ids for user functions
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1++ Menu Help
3++ Open help wiki
4Opens this help wiki in a new window.
6++ Visit Homepage
7Starts default browser to show WikidPad's homepage.
9++ Show License
10Shows license of WikidPad
12++ About
13Shows version of WikidPad, copyright and at the bottom some information if you need support.
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