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Works so far, now editing help wiki.

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1++ Menu Wiki Page
3++ Save
4Save current wiki page to database (in fact all modified wiki pages are saved).
6++ Rename
7Rename current page. After chosing the new you are also asked if you want WikidPad to replace all references to the old name to references to the new one (if you have not set a default action in options).
9Be aware that this process is only a simple text search and replace which may produce wrong results under some circumstances.
11++ Delete
12Delete current page.
14++ Set as Root
15Set current page as root of the tree.
17The child relationships between wiki pages actually form a graph (each page can have zero or more parents) but graphs are hard to display so it is mapped to a tree instead.
19In a real tree, each node has exactly one parent except the root node which has none, but we don't have a real tree so every node (aka wiki page) is as good as any other for the tree root.
21++ Reset root
22Reset tree root tothe default (the wiki root which is the page with the same name as the whole wiki)
24++ Synchronize tree
25Show and select wiki page of current tab in tree. By default this happens automatically but you can change that in the options.
27++ Follow Link
28Follow the URL or wiki word link the text cursor is currently on in editor.
30++ Follow Link in New Tab
31Same as "Follow Link" but opens a new tab for the target.
33++ Copy URL to Clipboard
34Copy "wiki:" URL of current wiki page to clipboard.
36If you right click on an "anchor:" definition in editor and choose "Copy Anchor URL to clipboard" the URL contains also a link to the particular anchor.
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.