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  • New menu structure, see [Menus]
  • New free icon set (thanks to Jan Stegehuis)
  • Complete new syntax processing engine
  • Some options in OptionsDialog? moved to "Advanced" option pages
  • Option to allow headings of a page as additional aliases when opening page. See [OptionsDialog?#*Headings as aliases: Up to heading depth*]
  • Bug fixed: Linux: Function keys produced characters
  • Bug fixed: Linux: Timeline contained initially only one item
  • Bug fixed: Sqlite: Bad conversion of object ids for user functions
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1++ Menu Wiki
3++ New
4Create new wiki
6++ Open
7Select if you want to open an existing wiki in this window, a new window or if you want to open a new window with the current wiki.
9In the appearing file dialog choose the one ".wiki" file with the name of your wiki. This is the wiki configuration file.
11There may be a file with the same name in the "data" directory below, but this contains the text of your wiki root page.
13++ Recent
14Recently opened wikis. Choosing one opens it in the same window.
16++ Favorites
17Favorite wikis to open, see [FavoriteWikis].
19++ Search wiki
20Start the dialog to search the whole wiki. See [SearchingTheWiki#+++ To search all pages].
22++ Publish as HTML
23You can there export your wiki or the current subtree (current page and all children, grandchildren...) or a single page in HTML format. You also have the choice to export as one HTML page containing all published wiki pages (such a page may become very large and is then hard to open in a web browser) or as set of HTML pages, one for each wiki page plus an index-page for the table of contents if you set so.
25You can also use "Other Export" to show a dialog to set more precisely what to export, whereto and in which format. See [WikiExport].
27++ Print
28Start print dialog for a plain text print of some or all wiki pages. See [Printing].
30++ Properties
31Shows internal name of database backend (may be needed for support requests) and the number of wiki pages in the wiki.
33++ Maintenance
34These items are only needed in rare cases. They allow to update the whole wiki in the foreground or as background task and to cope with some errors which may happen. See [WikiMaintenance].
36++ Exit
37Nothing surprising.
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