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1++ Options for HTML preview/export
3*Start browser after export*
4Starts the current web browser after exporting one or more HTML pages or an XML document.
6*Font name for HTML preview*
7Enter the desired font name for the HTML preview. Clicking on the "..." button shows a list of available fonts.
9*Attrs. to (not) include in preview*
10Enter here a regular expression of the properties you want to allow to be shown in the HTML preview. The RE is tested against a "normalized" property where the brackets are removed and key and value are separated by ": ". So even if the property is in the page written as "\[camelCaseWordsEnabled=false]", the RE is tested against "camelCaseWordsEnabled: false".
12If you e.g. want to show the "alias" properties only, enter "alias: .* ". Other properties will then be hidden in the preview. The empty text field matches everything.
14If you want to show all properties *except* those matching the RE, tick the checkbox to the left of the "not".
16If you press the "Ok" button of the options dialog, but the dialog doesn't vanish, instead this text field is red, then the RE contains an error and must be corrected first.
18*Attrs. to (not) include in export*
19Same as above, but for the HTML export.
21*Shows pics as links in preview*
22If this option is checked, links to image URLs (those ending with .png, .gif or .jpg) are shown like other links in the preview. If it is unchecked, the images (if available) are shown.
24*Shows pics as links in export*
25Same for HTML export.
26In the export dialog, you can temporarily override this setting for one export.
28*Table of contents*
29Choose if you want a table of contents in tree form, list form or not at all, see WikiExport#*Additional# options*
30In the export dialog, you can temporarily override this setting for one export.
32*Title of toc*
33Set the title of the table of contents according to your language. The default is "Table of Contents". For German it could be e.g. "Inhaltsverzeichnis".
35*Single page separator lines*
36Set the number of separator lines to separate wiki pages in a single HTML page on export.
38*Preview renderer*
39You can choose the renderer for the HTML preview (not all may be available):
41    * Internal: Internal standard renderer. Not very capable, but it
42      doesn't need external components
43    * IE: Uses Internet Explorer (Windows only).
44    * Mozilla: Uses Mozilla/Gecko rendering component if installed
45      (Windows only). You can download it here:
47    * Webkit: Needs pyGtk and pyWebkitGtk libraries (probably Linux only).
48      See [Webkit].
50Changes of this setting only have an effect for newly opened WikidPad windows.
52The external renderers can use CSS-files for preview, see [Cascading style sheets].
54    *Important remarks*
55    * Using IE, Mozilla or Webkit as renderers means that any
56      weaknesses of these browser(component)s (esp. regarding
57      ecurity) become part of WikidPad. If e.g. a wiki page
58      contains dangerous scripts in JavaScript they might be
59      executed when showing the page.
60        * If you chose Mozilla and the component is not installed,
61      WikidPad will crash when opening a new window (or when
62      restarting WikidPad). If this happens, try to start WikidPad
63      again. It uses then the internal renderer instead
64      automatically.
66*Show iframes inside IE preview*
67If you chose IE renderer above you can set if an iframe (this is like a browser window in the browser window) should show its contents inside the preview or if your external default browser is started for this. This option may also work with Mozilla renderer but is currently untested.
69*Use vi keys in Webkit preview*
70Activates some vi-like shortcut keys to navigate in Webkit renderer. See [Webkit].
72A basic documentation which covers the possibilities of the vi emulation is available at
75+++ HTML header settings
77++++ Attributes of "<body>"-tag
78The following settings for HTML export/preview can all be overridden by attributes for a particular wiki and for a particular page. These settings (either in options dialog or as attributes) only have an effect when exporting a set of HTML pages, not when exporting a single page containing multiple wiki words. For HTML preview only some of the settings have an effect at all.
81*Link color*
82Specify the color of a link in preview/HTML export by pressing the little "..." button to start the color dialog or by entering a numeric HTML color (e.g. "#000000" for black) in the text field. Leaving the field empty chooses the default color.
84The attribute to override this for a single page is "html.linkcolor". To set it for a whole wiki, use "global.html.linkcolor". Both attributes take a numeric HTML color as value.
87*Active link color*
88Color of a link while hovering over it with the mouse or while mouse is pressed (depends on browser). Doesn't work for preview. Attribute to override: "html.alinkcolor".
90*Visited link color*
91Color of an already visited link. Doesn't work for preview. Attribute to override: "html.vlinkcolor".
93*Text color*
94Color of normal text. Attribute to override: "html.textcolor".
96*Background color*
97Color of background. Attribute to override: "html.bgcolor".
99*Background image*
100Link (URL) to a background image. Doesn't work for preview. Attribute to override: "html.bgimage".
104++++ DOCTYPE
105Sets the DOCTYPE to use in the header of an HTML file. You should only modify it if you understand what it is doing.
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.