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  • Option to reverse search order for scripts (global imports first)
  • Wiki-bound option to create wiki page files with ASCII-only names (does not apply to Compact Sqlite DB backend). This should also fix a problem with Windows binary installer and WikidPad help wiki on non-western Windows versions.
  • Wiki-bound option to handle missing or externally inserted page files gracefully (does not apply to Compact Sqlite DB backend)
  • New insertion "iconimage" to insert an icon into an HTML page.
  • Preview shows link target in the status bar when hovering with mouse over it like browsers do
  • Menu item "Select All" in "Edit" menu (for completeness)
  • Bug fixed: Some errors weren't recorded in error log
  • Bug fixed: stdDialog of doc page presenter did not return a value (needed for some plugins)
  • Bug fixed: Tree scrolled to wrong initial position on startup
  • Bug fixed: Windows: Spell check addon did not work due to wrong DLL find mechanism
  • Bug fixed: LossyWikiCloseDeniedException? wasn't caught and polluted error log
  • Bug fixed: Search and replace dialog for page cleared "Search" text field when "Find next" was pressed
  • Bug fixed: Wiki-wide search dialog did not focus search text field when initially shown
  • Bug fixed: Pollution of error log if moving mouse over incremental search field
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1++ Options Dialog
3The options dialog controls the behavior of the application and the currently open wiki. To open it, choose "Options" in the wiki menu.
5+++ Application-wide
7The following options apply to the whole application and therefore to each wiki opened in it.
10++++ General options
12*New window on wiki URL*
13When double clicking on a wiki: URL, a new instance of the application is started, otherwise, the current instance loads the new wiki.
15*Store relative pathes to wikis*
16Pathes to the recently opened wikis are stored as relative pathes if this is checked. Useful e.g. if you have WikidPad and your wikis on an USB-stick.
18*Default open/new dir.*
19Directory to start when using "Wiki"->"New" or "Wiki"->"Open" in the menu. If empty, WikidPad chooses a default.
21*Sort order*
22Choose the desired alphabetical sort algorithm for wiki words, todos, attributes in tree or when [SearchingTheWiki#To search all pages: Full search].
23The "C" order is the way previous WikidPad versions worked (uppercase letters first, non-English characters in illogical order at the end).
24The new "Default" order sorts according to default order determined by the operating system. Normally, uppercase letters are sorted inorder (AaBbCc). If you want uppercase letters (more exactly: all characters but lowercase ones) before the rest (ABCabc), check
25*Uppercase first*.
26This setting has no effect for "C" order. Alphabetical sorting of children of a wiki word in tree is always inorder.
28*Rename links when renaming wiki word*
29When renaming a wiki word, WikidPad can try to rename all links to this word as well, but this is not fully reliable. Here you can check if this renaming should be done or not or if WikidPad should ask for each renaming.
31*App-bound hotkey*
32Here you can define a hotkey to show or hide WikidPad (they may only work on Windows). Hotkeys work system-wide, not only if WikidPad is active.
34In the text field you can enter a hotkey in the same way as the menu shortcuts are. Unlike menu shortcuts, you can also use "win" as modifier (like "alt" or "ctrl"), but the hotkey must have at least one of "ctrl" or "alt" modifiers to work.
36The checkbox before the text field allows to temporarily deactivate the hotkey without deleting the field content.
38There is also an option to set a second hotkey which is bound to the current wiki instead of the app. See OptionsDialog#*Wiki-bound# hotkey* below in "Current wiki" options.
41++++ User interface
43*Minimize to Tray*
44Minimized to system tray instead of the normal taskbar.
46*Minimize on close button*
47Pressing the close button on the main frame (the little "X") does not close but minimize WikidPad. In conjunction with "Minimize to Tray" it minmizes to the try area.
49If you really want to close, use menu "Wiki"->"Exit" then or the context menu when right-clicking on the tray icon (if "Minimize to Tray" is active).
51*Statusbar time format*
52Set the time format the statusbar should use to show modification and creation date of the current wiki page. The format can also be set by clicking on the small "..." button which starts the same dialog as used for setting the date format for the editor.
54*UI language*
55Choose the preferred language of the user interface.
57This setting only takes effect after restarting WikidPad.
59*Recent wikis list length*
60Set the number of wikis to show in menu "Wiki"->"Recent"
62*Auto-show log window*
63Automatically show log window if new error messages arrive (see [WikiDocumentAttributes]#+++# Error# checking ).
65*Auto-hide log window*
66Automatically hide log window if no more error messages are present.
68*Structure window pos.*
69Where (relative to main window) should the PageStructureWindow be positioned? "Hidden" deactivates it.
70*KNOWN BUG*: After changing the position of the window, restarting WikidPad is necessary. See RestartWikidPad for details.
72*Structure window heading depth*
73Up to (and including) which heading level should headings be displayed? "1" Means only top-level heading (one plus sign), "15" means all headings.
75*Auto-hide structure window*
76After double-clicking an entry in PageStructureWindow the window is collapsed (hidden) automatically if this is checked.
78*Structure window selection auto-follow*
79If checked and document structure window is visible, changing cursor position in editor can also change selection in structure window to always show the heading which is nearest above the current cursor position.
82++++ Security options
84*Process insertion scripts*
85Control if insertions with key "eval" should be evaluated as Python expressions or not, see also [Insertions].
87*Script security*
88Set the security level for script execution, see [InlinePythonEval#+++ Security concerns].
90*Reverse script search order (global imports first)*
91If checked, the order for searching of executable scripts is reversed, global imports are searched first (if allowed by the security setting above). See [InlinePythonEval#+++ Security concerns].
94++++ Tree options
96These apply to the tree on the left of the main window.
98*Tree auto-follow*
99The tree tries to always select the wiki word currently shown in the editor or HTML-view.
101*Tree update after save*
102After each (automatic or manual) save, the tree icons and shown children are updated. This may need some time and may create some flicker going from top to bottom through the tree.
104*Hide Undefined wiki words in Tree*
105If a page contains wiki word links to non-existing pages, these are not shown as children in the tree.
107*Tree auto-hide*
108After selecting an item in tree, the tree is hidden automatically.
110*Background color*
111Specify background color of tree.
113*Position main tree*
114Controls where to place the main tree (to the left, right, top or bottom)
116*Position view tree*
117You can also have a second tree which has the "Views" node as root. You can place it relative to the main tree (above, below, left or right) or choose "hidden" if you don't want it.
119*KNOWN BUG*: After changing the position of main or view tree, the trees do not react on clicks properly any longer. Restart WikidPad. See RestartWikidPad for details.
122++++ HTML preview/export
124See [Options HTML preview_export].
127++++ Editor
130When this option is active and enter is pressed on a line which contains only a bullet or a numbering without text, the bullet is removed. See BulletedLists for details.
132*Append closing bracket on auto-complete*
133When suggesting the completion for a bracketed wiki word, e.g. "[Not Came" you can decide if a closing bracket is suggested ("[Not Camel Case]") or not ("[Not Camel Case").
135*Synchronize editor by preview selection*
136This provides some workaround to synchronize scroll position in HTML preview with the position in editor.
137If this option is checked, you can select some text in the preview and when switching back to the editor, the first occurrence of the selected text is searched and selected in editor, too.
139*Tab width*
140How many spaces should a tab be wide. This affects real tabs as well as the number of spaces used to replace a tab if "Edit"->"Settings"->"Tabs to spaces" is checked.
143+++++ Image pasting
145When pasting bitmap data into WikidPad it can be saved as an image file into the "files" directory of the wiki and a link to it can be generated. These options control how to do that:
147*Filename prefix*
148A prefix to use for the filename. If this filename plus suffix exists already in "files" dir, an underscore and a sequence of 20 random letters or numbers is appended to create a unique filename. E.g. you want to store a PNG-file with prefix "foo" then WikidPad checks if "foo.png" is already in the "files" directory (if prefix is empty, this is not tried). If "foo.png" exists it tries something like "foo_2NIUXQ0OGVRDT1O3JNUN.png". If this exists already it tries again (up to 20 times) before giving up.
150*File type*
151    * None: Don't store images at all
152    * PNG: Store in PNG format (losless compression)
153    * JPEG: Store in JPEG format (lossy compression)
156Number to define quality of JPEG compression (0:worst, 75:default, 100:best)
158*Ask settings on each paste*
159If checked, each time you paste an image, a dialog box asks for the above settings to set them individually.
162++++ Editor colors
164*Plain text color*
165Specify the color of plain text (like this one) in the editor by pressing the little "..." button to start the color dialog or by entering a numeric HTML color (e.g. "#000000" for black) in the text field. Leaving the field empty chooses the default color.
167*Link color*
168Set the color of links (URLs and existing wiki words, e.g. http://nowhere) in the editor. See "Plain text color" above for details.
170*Attribute/script color*
171Set the color of attributes and scripts (e.g. <%"this one"%>) in the editor. See "Plain text color" above for details.
173*Background color*
174(Works only partially). Specify the background color of the editor. See "Plain text color" above for details.
176*Selection fg. color*
177Specify the foreground color of selected text. See "Plain text color" above for details.
179*Selection bg. color*
180Specify the background color of selected text. See "Plain text color" above for details.
182*Margin color*
183Specify the color of the editor margin on the left (normally gray) which can also contain line numbers.
185*Text cursor color*
186Set the color of the text cursor (the small blinking vertical bar).
189++++ Clipboard catcher
191This page is only visible on Windows.
193*Prepend before clipboard snippet*
194Control what the ClipboardCatcher should prepend before each caught snippet. This option supports time formats (as these shown in "Set Date Format" dialog in "Editor" menu)
196*Append after clipboard snippet*
197Control what the ClipboardCatcher should append after each caught snippet. This option supports time formats (as these shown in "Set Date Format" dialog in "Editor" menu)
199*Avoid doubled snippets*
200If the same text is pasted multiple times consecutively to the clipboard, it is pasted only the first time. Some applications execute a single paste command as multiple pastes to the clipboard which would lead to multiple inserts without this option set.
202*User notification*
203Choose if you want to hear a sound when a clipboard snippet is inserted.
205*Sound file*
206Choose the sound file to play (if you have chosen to be notified by sound above). If the field is empty, a default sound is played.
209++++ File Launcher
211This page is only visible on non-Windows systems.
213*Path to file launcher*
214Enter here the path to a script or program which takes the path or URL of a file and runs the application associated with this file. For Linux, find the "xdg-open" script (or install it first) which should do that.
217++++ Mouse
219*Middle button without CTRL*
220Set the reaction of a middle button click on a wiki word in editor, internal preview, tree or wiki-wide search results if CTRL is not pressed while clicking. You can choose between opening the word in a new tab in foreground, in background or in the same (active) tab.
222*Middle button with CTRL*
223Same as before, but set reaction if CTRL is pressed while clicking the middle button.
225*Left double click in preview*
226When double clicking into preview (not on a link), this can either do nothing, switch the tab to editor or open a new tab with same page, but in editor mode.
228*Middle click on tab*
229This can either do nothing, close the tab or clone it (open same page in a new tab).
231*Dropping files*
232*Dropping files with SHIFT*
233*Dropping files with CTRL*
235Control what should happen if you drag and drop files from explorer into the editor with no key pressed, with SHIFT pressed or with CTRL pressed.
237Possible choices are:
238    * Nothing
239    * Absolute URL: Insert absolute URL(s) to the file(s)
240    * Relative URL: URL(s) starting with "rel:"
241    * Relative into storage: Copy file(s) into file storage and create relative URL(s) to it
244++++ Time view
246*Time view pos.*
247Where (relative to main window) should the TimeViewWindow be positioned? "Hidden" deactivates it.
248*KNOWN BUG*: After changing the position of the window, restarting WikidPad is necessary. See RestartWikidPad for details.
250*Date format*
251Set the time format the timeline should use to show the dates. The format is also used when interpreting a date entered by the user in the time view.
252The format can also be set by clicking on the small "..." button which starts the same dialog as used for setting the date format for the editor.
254*Time view auto-hide*
255After selecting an item in time view, time view is hidden automatically.
257*Show word list on hovering*
258Should the list of related wiki words be shown when hovering over a date with mouse.
260*Show word list on select*
261Should the list of related wiki words be shown when selecting (clicking on) a date.
263*Show empty days*
264Should "empty" dates without relatzed wiki words be shown in the timeline?
265This option can also be set in the context menu of the timeline.
267*Show dates ascending*
268Control if the dates in timeline should be sorted ascending or descending.
269This option can also be set in the context menu of the timeline.
272++++ Searching
274*Context characters* *before* and *after*
275Chooses the number of characters to show before and after a found match as context in wiki-wide search. For an "anded" regex, the beginning of the page is shown with so many characters as the sum of the "before" and "after" values. Using context may slow down the searching a bit.
277*Count Occurrences*
278Counts how many matches a page contains and shows this number in parentheses after each page name in wiki-wide search results. This option slows down searching.
281*Fast search defaults*
282Set the search options to use for the small search field in toolbar:
284    *Simple regex*
285    Choose this if the pattern contains only a single regular expression (RE).
287    *"Anded" regex*
288    Choose this if the pattern contains multiple REs connected with "and". For example, to search this wiki for pages with "search" and "wiki" in them type:
290    search and wiki
292    Some operations are not available in "Anded" regex mode.
294    *As is*
295    All characters are taken as they are.
297    *Case sensitive, Whole word*
298    Choose here if case matters for the search pattern and/or if only whole words should be searched for
300*Delay before auto-close*
301Controls how many seconds of inactivity before the incremental search is closed automatically. 0 means "wait forever".
304++++ Advanced
306*Ignore wiki lock file*
307*Create wiki lock file*
308Change these settings only if you know what you are doing! See [WikiLockFile].
310*Sync. highlighting limit*
311Limit of page size in bytes when to switch from synchronous highlighting (calculated after each keypress) to asynchronous highlighting (calculated in the background and shown when ready). Recommended value: 300 to 500 bytes
313*Highlight start delay*
314For async. highlighting how long to wait after key press (in seconds) before starting the highlighting work in background. Recommended value: 0.2 to 0.5 seconds
316*Short hint delay*
317Set how many milliseconds before showing the short hint tooltip in editor. 0 deactivates the tooltip. See [WikiDocumentAttributes#*short_hint*] for details.
319*Single process per user*
320If you open a new WikidPad instance while another is already running, the new window is handled by the same process as the first one. This option has only an effect after restarting WikidPad. It is off by default.
324    * You can safely open the same wiki in multiple windows (on the
325      same computer and by the same user only!)
326    * Less resources (esp. memory) are needed to run multiple windows
330    * If one window is busy due to a search or database rebuild, all windows do not react.
331    * If one window crashes (in fact the process driving it) all windows crash.
332    * An IP-socket connection is needed for communication between
333      processes. The connection is invisible for other computers on
334      a network or the internet, but a personal firewall software
335      may alarm you nevertheless. Also, if multiple user use
336      WikidPad on the same computer at the same time, all must use
337      their own home directory as configuration directory (this is
338      the default).
340*No cycles in tree*
341If two or more pages reference each other (e.g. NodeA -> NodeB -> NodeA) these cycles are not shown. Precisely: if a child of a word is already an ancestor (parent, grandparent, ...) of this word, it is not shown.
343*Use IME workaround for editor input*
344If you run some special input method editor (IME) or other programs which insert characters directly into WikidPad, try this setting in case of problems. It was mainly made for the Vietnamese IME UniKey.
347++++ Autosave
349*Autosave active*
350Save current page content to disk (if modified) after a few seconds of inactivity.
352There are two delays which *both* must be exceeded before a save operation is triggered (if Autosave is active).
354*Delay after key pressed*
355How long to wait after the last keypress in the editor (default: 3 seconds). Recommended value: 1 to 5 seconds.
357*Delay after page dirty*
358How long to wait after the page was initially modified (dirty) after last save (default: 15 seconds). Recommended value: 15 to 180 seconds.
361+++ Current wiki
362These options apply to the active wiki only
365++++ General options
367*Footnotes as wiki words*
368Interpret [Footnotes] (e.g. "[42]") as wiki words.
370*First word at startup*
371Wiki word which should be shown as first one each time the wiki is opened. If the field is empty, the last words when the wiki was closed are shown on opening.
373*Default export dir.*
374Set the default export directory into which exports should go.
376*Remember expanded tree nodes*
377Control if expanded tree nodes should be remembered by WikidPad. This means if you collapse a tree node which contains expanded child nodes yet and expand the node later, the child nodes are expanded again. The following modes are supported:
378    * Not at all: Doesn't remember expanded nodes (like before version 1.9beta15)
379    * While wiki open: Forgets the node states when wiki is closed
380    * Always: Stores the node states in wiki configuration file and restores them on reopening
382It may happen that the mechanism stores expanded nodes which don't exist any longer, e.g. if the link from parent page to a child page is deleted and the child page was represented by an expanded node this is not always recognized by WikidPad, so some "garbage" may be stored.
384By setting the option to "Not at all" then closing the options dialog, then setting the option back to what you had before, all node state information is cleared. The info of the main tree (not the "Views" tree) is also cleared when setting a new root.
386*Force ScratchPad visibility in tree*
387Shows the special page ScratchPad always as child of the tree root, even if it is not really a child.
389*Read-only wiki*
390Check this if you want to prevent the wiki from acidental modifications.
392*Auto-show log window*
393Automatically show log window if new error messages arrive (see [WikiDocumentAttributes#+++ Error checking]).
394If the check-box is gray, the application-bound setting (see above) is used, otherwise this wiki-bound setting overrides it.
396*Page file names ASCII only*
397If set, all filenames of newly created pages only contain ASCII-characters (no umlauts, accented characters etc.). Already created files are not renmed even if the file content is modified afterwards.
399This option does not apply to Compact Sqlite DB backend because it does not have separate page files.
401*Graceful handling of missing page files*
402If a page file is deleted or inserted into the "data" directory externally tries to update the core database if it encounters this change.
404If not set, missing files which are listed in the core database issue an error and newly added files are ignored.
406This option does not apply to Compact Sqlite DB backend because it does not have separate page files.
408*Wiki icon*
409Set here the name of icon to use in the system tray instead of the default icon. If the field is empty the default icon is used. The icon of the main window is not influenced by this setting (because it does not work).
411*Wiki-bound hotkey*
412Wiki-bound hotkey to show/hide wiki. See OptionsDialog#*App-bound# hotkey*
414*Wiki language*
415Choose the language (syntax) of the wiki. Each language is provided by a plugin.
418++++ Headings
420*Heading prefix*
421Control the heading level of the initial main title of new pages and fill between one and fifteen '+' in this field (if using default wiki language). Default is "++".
423*Wikiword to heading*
424How should the main heading of new pages be generated from the wikiword:
425    * As is: Use wikiword as heading
426    * Add spaces: Add spaces to wikiword in front of each uppercase letter ("NewWikiWord" -> "New Wiki Word")
427    * No title: Don't show a heading at all
429*Use link title if present*
430If you came to a not yet created page through a titled link (e.g. [WikiWord| This is the title]) and this option is checked, the link title will be used as title of the page.
432*Headings as aliases: Up to heading depth*
433All headings with a level less or equal this number are shown in the open wiki word dialog. You can select them to come to the wiki page they are on. If value is 0, no headings are processed. After changing this value, you may have to rebuild the wiki to see an effect.
436++++ Advanced
438*Modif. date must match*
439*Filename must match*
440*Modif. date is enough*
441See [FileStorage].
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.