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1++ Renaming Wiki Words
3You can rename the current wiki word from the menu, or via the
4CTRL-ALT-R command.
6*What Happens*
8You will be asked first for a new name of the page. Then you have to decide if WikidPad should update all of the wiki pages in the database that have links to the renamed word.
10For a large wiki this could be a relatively slow operation. Furthermore does the updating not always work reliably, sometimes it modifies things which aren't intended as links. Therefore it is often better to make this update later by hand (maybe by using wiki-wide search and replace).
12*Title auto-rename*
14If the title of page which was generated at page creation (the text at the top beginning with "++ ") wasn't modified since creation, then the title will be modified accordingly when the page is renamed.
17[icon: rename]
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