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  • Option to set tab width
  • Combined wiki-wide search and page list construction into one dialog to allow more comfortable search and more options to define page sets for export or print
  • Basic support for continuous export
  • Windows: Windows meta-files (vector graphic format) are saved as files if inserted into WikidPad from clipboard
  • Windows binary: Necessary VC++ runtime libraries now included in installer
  • New syntax \<<hide >> to hide a block from preview and export
  • New insertion "self" to include current page name into page
  • Menu items to insert color or icon name into editor (in addition to the insert of attributes)
  • No more unnecessary jumping around of page when ending or aborting incremental search (thanks to Christian Ziemski).
  • Bug fixed: Creating a wiki-bound func. page in an "original" database linked to absolute path of page file instead of relative path (this means that you can't move such a wiki to a new location).
  • Bug fixed: "Replace All" in wiki-wide search did not work, replacing links to a renamed wiki page did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Non-existing pages had no parents (which also affected template creation)
  • Bug fixed: List of parentless nodes was wrong
  • Bug fixed: Insertion \[:toc:] did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Jumping between footnote and footnote anchor did not work in editor.
  • Bug fixed: HTML publishing as set of HTML pages and as single page was mixed up.
  • Bug fixed: Adding icon or color attribute failed.
  • Bug fixed: Attribute \[view_pane: editor] did not work.
  • Bug fixed: If repeating an incremental search with escaped RE characters (e.g. '.', '?') the escaping backslashes accumulated.
  • Bug fixed: Preview failed on heading line (e.g. "+++") without content
  • Bug fixed: Heading level could be off by one.
  • Bug fixed: todo did not work inside a line.
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1++ Searching The Wiki
4+++ To search inside a page
6CTRL-F or F3 turns on wiki page IncrementalSearch.
7CTRL-R brings up the "Find and Replace" dialog.
10+++ To search all pages: Fast search
12The toolbar contains a little search field. Just enter text you want to search for (you can use regular expression syntax), hit return and a list of matching wiki pages pops up.
13The list has a little title bar. As soon as you move the list a bit by dragging the bar it will no longer automatically close if you click outside of it.
14Use the small close button ("X") to close it.
16At the bottom there are buttons "As Full Search" or "As Tab" to convert the small list to a full blown search dialog (see below) or to a tab.
19+++ To search all pages: Full search
21CTRL-ALT-F brings up the search dialog for the entire wiki.
23The dialog is non-modal, this means you can edit your wiki while the dialog is open.
25The nearly same dialog also appears if you want to define a custom set of pages to publish, export or print. In this case the dialog is modal, has "OK" and "Cancel" buttons instead of a "Close" button at the bottom and the "Order Pages" entry at the bottom is not grayed out.
27If "Order Pages" is available you have following options:
28    * "Alphabetically"
29    * "Natural" tries to order in the way the user would expect
30      the pages to be ordered (well, more or less). If you have
31      created your own list of wikiwords, the "natural" order keeps
32      them as they are sorted by you. "Natural" is the second
33      slowest order mode.
34    * "As Tree" tries to sort as words would appear in the main
35      tree of WikidPad. This is the slowest order mode.
36    * "Unordered" uses the internal order of the database and is
37      the fastest possible way.
40*Be aware* that the search operates on the data in the database. If you have changed a page in the editor and not yet saved, this changes can't be seen by the search dialog.
42The dialog consists of two tabs: "Search text" allows to search for a particular piece of text in the pages, tab "Set page list" allows to search for pages matching a regular expression or having a special parent-children relationship.
45++++ Tab "Search text"
47The whole right side of the tab shows the search results, the left side allows to control how to search.
49From top to bottom:
51+++++ Search text
53*Text field "Wiki Search"*
54Enter the pattern you want to search for. You can use regular expressions here. Below you can set exactly how the pattern should be interpreted.
56*Simple regex*
57Choose this if the pattern contains only a single RE
59*"Anded" regex*
60Choose this if the pattern contains multiple REs connected with "and". For example, to search this wiki for pages with "search" and "wiki" in them type:
62search and wiki
64Some operations are not available in "Anded" regex mode.
66*As is*
67All characters are taken as they are.
69*Case sensitive, Whole word*
70Choose here if case matters for the search pattern and/or if only whole words should be searched for
72*Button "Find"*
73Starts search process. If finished, a list of matching pages is listed on the right, optional with the number of occurring matches in parentheses and/or a few characters of context if set in the options.
75+++++ Replacing
77*Text field "Replace By"*
78Enter here with which a found pattern on a page (or all pages) should be replaced. This field and the following three buttons are only available for "Simple regex" mode.
80*Button "Find Next"*
81Find the next matching part of text in current page or next page in the search results and select it.
83*Button "Replace"*
84Replace current selection with content of "Replace by" and go to next matching part.
86*Button "Replace All"*
87After asking for confirmation, replaces all occurrences matching to the search pattern by the replacement in all pages in the search results. At the end of the operation you will be informed about the number of done replacements.
90+++++ Storing/Loading Searches
92*List of "Saved Searches"*
93Contains the titles of all searches stored in this wiki. The saved searches can also be seen in the tree after expanding "Views" and therein "saved searches" (only presented if searches exist).
95Expanding one of the searches starts the search operation.
97*Button "Save Search"*
98Saves the current content of the "Wiki Search" field and the settings below (not the replacement) in the wiki. First you are asked for the title of the search. If the title already exists, you must confirm to overwrite the previous search with this title.
100*Button "Delete Search(es)"*
101Delete the searches selected in the list after confirmation
103*Button "Load Search"*
104Loads selected search into the searching area.
106*Button "Load and Run Search"*
107Same as hitting "Load Search" and "Find" button subsequently. Double clicking in the list has the same effect.
110+++++ Other
112*Copy to clipboard: Button "Page names"*
113This copies the content of the result to the clipboard as text containing a list of .
115*Button "As Resultlist"*
116Convert dialog to a small resultlist to save screen space.
118*Button "As Tab"*
119Convert it to a tab.
121*Button "Options"*
122Starts a dialog to set options for the searching:
124    Context *before* and *after*
125    Chooses the number of characters to show before and after
126    a found match as context. For an "anded" regex, the beginning
127    of the page is shown with so many characters as the sum of the
128    "before" and "after" values. Using context may slow down the
129    searching a bit.
131    *Count Occurrences*
132    Counts how many matches a page contains and shows this number
133    in parentheses after each page name. This option slows down
134    searching.
136    *Fast search defaults*
137    Control default settings to use for the fast search field.
138    They have the same meaning as in the large search dialog.
141*Button "Close"*
142Close the dialog, same as hitting ESC key. This button is replaced by "OK" and "Cancel" if using the dialog to define a set of pages for exporting or printing.
145+++++ The result list on the right
147Each item in the result list consist of the page name, one or two optional numbers in parentheses behind the name (one number: Number of occurrences, two numbers: currently shown occurrence, then "/", then number of occurrences or a question mark if unknown)
149In the result list, double clicking on an item (not on its blue bar!) brings you to the page and (if existing) to the matching occurrence shown for the list item. If the page was already loaded, a double click brings you to the next occurrence on this page.
151If a particular occurrence is shown in the list, you can select this item and press F3 or click on the little blue bar on the left to show the next occurrence on this page.
154++++ Tab "Set page list"
156Similar to the "Search text" tab it has some option fields in the left half and mainly a large list on the right, called the "preview".
158At first you should choose the criterion the pages have to fulfill:
160+++++ All Pages
161All pages will be in the page list
163+++++ Page names matching regular expression
164All pages their names match a regular expression pattern are in the list
166+++++ Pages in list
167All pages mentioned in the list on the left of the dialog are in the resulting page list. You can also define if children of these pages should be in the result. If the level is 0, no children are taken, for 1 direct children are taken, 2 means to take also grandchildren and so on. If the field is -1 or empty, the level is seen as indefinite.
170+++++ The left list
171There are a lot of possibilities to give you precise control of the content and order of this list.
173To the right of the actual list box there are the buttons "Up" and "Down" with which you can move the currently selected item in the list. With "Sort" the whole list is sorted alphabetically (the sorting algorithm depends on the option settings, see OptionsDialog#*Sort# order* ).
175Below the list box is a text field in which you can add new list items. To add them, hit enter in the field or click on the "Add" button to the right of the field (there is another "Add" button below).
177Below the text field there are the following buttons:
179    * "Clear List" to remove all entries from the list
180    * "Del" to delete the currently selected entry
181    * "Copy" to copy all list entries to clipboard. They are copied as text, one wiki word per line, each in brackets. So you can insert them as link list into any wiki page.
183You have also possibilities to *paste entries from clipboard*. Simply copy text which contains some wiki words to the clipboard. When pasting, at first the wiki words are extracted from the text in the order of appearance (be aware that the recognition of camel-case words and [Footnotes] depends on the settings of the currently open page and the wiki). With the extracted words the following can be done:
185    * "Add": Add words to the current entries
186    * "Overwrite": Remove previous list entries and replace them by the new ones
187    * "Intersect": Remove entries from current list which are not in the extracted words
190+++ The right result list
191When you hit the button "Preview", this list shows which pages *currently* match the criteria chosen on the left side. When defining a page list e.g. for a saved search, the pages matching the criteria may change over time when the wiki database changes.
193The "Copy" button above the preview copies the content of the preview to the clipboard in the same way as it is done for the left page list.
197[icon: lens]
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