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1++ Wiki Word Navigation
3*Open Parent/Children Words*
5You can use the tree to navigate your wikiwords.  Or you can use the
6"view parents" and "view children" feature.
8To view the parents of the current page, the pages that link to this
9page, either enter "CTRL-UP" or select "Wiki Words/View Parents"
10from the menu bar.
12To view the children of the current page, the pages that this page
13links to, either enter "CTRL-DOWN" or select "Wiki Words/View
14Children" from the menu bar.
16When editing a piece of text you can follow a link in a couple
17of different ways.
19    1. Double click the link.
20    2. Hold down control and click the link.
21    3. Type Ctrl-L to Activate the link.
22    4. For wikiwords you can also use Ctrl-Shift-L
24*To Open Any Word*
26To open a link anywhere in the active wiki type in CTRL-O. This opens
27a dialog that will search for words.
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