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1++ Word Linking
3As you type wiki words into the editor they become underlined.  Words
4that already have content, like AutoCompletion turn blue, words that
5do not, like JavaTemplates, stay black but are underlined.
7To activate or follow a wiki word link, *double click on it*, or
8type CTRL-L when the cursor is in the word.
11+++ What are wiki words?
13Wiki words are (at least by default) all words which start with an
14uppercase letter and where at least one uppercase letter follows a
15lowercase letter in the word (this is called "camelcase", like e.g.
16WikiWord) or where a lowercase letter follows after multiple uppercase
17letters (ABCd).
19anchor: exclude_from_linking
20+++ Exclude wiki words from linking
22To exclude a wiki word from being interpreted as link, you can precede
23it with a backslash \ (e.g. \WikiWord) or enter it in the global or
24wiki-wide camelcase blacklist (open the "Views" node in the tree on
25the left, open therein the "Func. pages" node and click on
26"Global cc. blacklist" or "Wiki cc. blacklist". Then enter the word on
27a line of its own in the list (e.g. URLs is in the "Wiki cc.
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