Apr 28, 2009 1:50:33 PM (10 years ago)


  • Option to reverse search order for scripts (global imports first)
  • Wiki-bound option to create wiki page files with ASCII-only names (does not apply to Compact Sqlite DB backend). This should also fix a problem with Windows binary installer and WikidPad help wiki on non-western Windows versions.
  • Wiki-bound option to handle missing or externally inserted page files gracefully (does not apply to Compact Sqlite DB backend)
  • New insertion "iconimage" to insert an icon into an HTML page.
  • Preview shows link target in the status bar when hovering with mouse over it like browsers do
  • Menu item "Select All" in "Edit" menu (for completeness)
  • Bug fixed: Some errors weren't recorded in error log
  • Bug fixed: stdDialog of doc page presenter did not return a value (needed for some plugins)
  • Bug fixed: Tree scrolled to wrong initial position on startup
  • Bug fixed: Windows: Spell check addon did not work due to wrong DLL find mechanism
  • Bug fixed: LossyWikiCloseDeniedException? wasn't caught and polluted error log
  • Bug fixed: Search and replace dialog for page cleared "Search" text field when "Find next" was pressed
  • Bug fixed: Wiki-wide search dialog did not focus search text field when initially shown
  • Bug fixed: Pollution of error log if moving mouse over incremental search field
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