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#1 Tadano ATF 160 Boom length problem defect new major
#3 numbered list, add new item enhancement new major 1.9beta16
#5 link to calendar plug in not working defect closed major 2.0
#7 Login to site task new major 2.0
#8 Export & Import Don't work defect closed major 2.0
#11 Integration with Subversion enhancement new major 2.0
#14 Tadano ATF 160 Boom length problem defect closed major 2.0
#15 Ken Morland wire rope spec bluesupersurfer task closed major 2.0
#10 One Way Links enhancement new minor 2.0
#12 very unsuitable tray icon defect new minor 2.0
#16 Feature Req: Tab/Shift-Tab to indent/de-indent lists enhancement new minor 2.0
#2 Please remove attachment from trac page Groff task closed trivial
#4 spell check not working with "WikidPad-2.0beta04.exe" and "" defect closed trivial 1.9beta16
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