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Integration with Subversion

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Dear Wikipad developers,

I hope the default priority setting "major" is appropriate, since I don't know your scales. I'd like to use Wikipad to enhance collaborative authoring. We already have a Subversion server at hand for our programmers, but switching between Wikipad and a file manager would disturb our creativity team's workflow too much, even more because of some misfeatures in our Windows subversion tool.

So we'd need SVN closely integrated into Wikipad. Buttons for manually triggering actions like commit or revert should complement an automated assessment of when it's a good idea to commit the changes, and when it should rather ask for confirmation first, e.g. because the change seems accidantial. Sometimes the default guess should even be to neither commit automatically nor bug the user, e.g. if a user adds some new lines for a new idea and then decides to not write up that idea now but instead changes to another article. There should also be a kind of "lock button" that prevents automatic commit on a per-article basis, and a time-controled reminder that there are locked articles waiting for commit.

Also, problems like network delays should never distract the user. If a commit fails, it can be logged somewhere do be handled later, but the user may not be forced to decide anything right now before he can continue to write ideas. Same for confirmations about whether to commit a change.

Checking for updates by other users should also be in the background. If an update arrives for an article that the user is currently reading or even editing, he may be notified about that update but low-key and especially may never interfere with what he has just typed or is typing. This includes interference with input focus, like interrupting selecting some text by mouse or keyboard, scrolling the text or move lots of words around because a scrollbar has (dis)appeared, impacting wordwrap.

A cool bonus would be to store files like images on our FTP or a mounted network share instead of in our SVN. It would be sufficient to run an external program with parameters detailing what happened to which file, and our programmers could make a script which copies the local version to our FTP, renames it there or such. (Much smaller task than learning the internal details of Wikipad and SVN.)

Also nice bonus (probably worth another ticket) would be a way to synchronize the article icons, and have different sets of icons for different wikis.

The configuration of which SVN repository to use, with which credentials, path wihtin the repository, which command to run to notify our FTP script of changes and so on, should be importable from a file, so that I can email that config to our less technical users, they somehow feed the attachment to Wikipad and ideally the next thing they see is Wikipad confirming that it can now use the SVN, and starts fetching the other authors' articles. The repository information should be saved on a per-wiki basis so that we can use different repositories for different wikis.

Would anybody be interested in adding such functionality?

Since we're a non-profit organization and have only donations as funds, we can't pay you real wages, but we would gladly share some of our donations if your estimation of a fair value overlaps with our capabilities.

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