I use following date format to automatically log my entries.


I just use Ctrl-Alt-D shortcut each time I want to add an entry that must be time stamped.

Result is like this (with a french os):


All my stamped entries are logged into Views/Log/?...

You can change your default Date Format by going to the Editor menu in WikidPad and choosing "Set Date Format" from the drop down.

Another Approach

The format above gives a very flat tree structure, as shown below left. All date stamps are lumped together under Log. You can create a deeper tree, as shown below right, by adding periods (".") to the date format. This gives year groupings under Log, and month groupings for each year.

Flat Tree               Deep Tree
- Views                 - Views
  - Log                   - Log
    - datestamp             - 2008
    - datestamp             - 2009
      - page                  - 01January
      - page                  - 02February
                                - 02Monday
                                - 03Tuesday
                                  - page
                                  - page

The basic date format for the tree shown above right would be:

[Log.%Y.%m%B: %d%A]

Variations on this format are numerous. Some examples using US localization:

[Log.%Y.%m%B: %d%A] = "[Log.2009.08August: 05Wednesday]"
[Log.%Y.%m%b: %d%a] = "[Log.2009.08Aug: 05Wed]"
[Log.%Y.%m%b: %d%a] %I:%M %p > = "[Log.2009.08Aug: 05Wed] 07:20 PM >"

Both approaches have pro's and con's. You should consider how you use your wiki and your own personal preferences to decide what is best for you.

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