Developer Overview


  • lib - The core wikidPad source code.
  • docs - wikidPad documentation
  • export - Resources used when exporting.
  • extensions - Default implementations of the extension classes.
  • gadfly-1.0.0 - Gadfly distribution. We actually use the gadfly instance under lib/gadfly.
  • icons - wikidPad icons.
  • installer - The NSIS installer script lives here.
  • tobuild - Required software for wikidPad dev.
  • WikidPadHelp? - Help wiki distributed with wikidPad.
  • build.bat - Builds a wikidPad exe using py2exe.
  • - The py2exe script.

The sql_mar files in the root are the gadfly grammar, and compiled grammar. The included gadfly has been modified to use these since py2exe doesn't seem to support adding the pyc to the exe. The sql_mar files are copied into the dist.


Source Overview

  • (in root): Essentially the "main" method for PersonalWikiFrame?.py.
  • PersonalWikiFrame?.py: This is the meat of wikidPad. Start here.
  • WikiData?.py: 2nd most important class. All data access is mediated through this class.
  • WikiTxtCtrl?.py: This is the code dealing with Scintilla.
  • WikiTreeCtrl?.py: Tree control code.
  • Container for regex's, and styles.
  • html/xml export code.
  • TextWrapper?.py: I snagged this from somewhere. This runs when you press Ctrl-W.
  • Also snagged from somewhere, python enums.
  • Default fonts. I think I meant to do more with this file. Actually, I think it did do some registration stuff before.


See WikidPadApi

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