If you don't need all the functions in this plugin, consider using the newer and more user-friendly EditExtensionsRevamp

Edit Extensions plugin for WikidPad

By alessandro orsi, license GPL, version 0.4

What it does

Adds to Wikidpad the following edit functions:

  • Lowercase
  • Sentence case
  • Title Case
  • sWAP cASE
  • Cut line
  • Copy line
  • Duplicate line
  • Delete line
  • Swap lines
  • Insert blank line
  • Remove blank lines
  • Sort lines
  • Insert before/after lines
  • Strip from the beginning of line
  • Strip from the end of line
  • Enclose selection
  • Fast enclose selection
  • Remove spaces
  • Compress spaces
  • Show/Hide? white spaces
  • Show/Hide? end of line marker
  • Word count

See help page for more information.

Install and Upgrade

Put the file into the 'user_extensions' folder of your Wikidpad installation (create the folder if it doesn't exist). Then restart Wikidpad.

To upgrade, quit Wikidpad, delete the old and replace with the new one.

To change any shortcut, edit the relevant parts of describeMenuItems() in

A help page will be created in every wiki in which Edit Extensions is loaded. You can access the help page through the Wikidpad tree view: Views --> EditExtensions --> Help for version XX --> EditExtensionsHelp. Switch to Preview to read.

A pop-up message will inform about the creation of the help page.

NOTE: If you don't want the help page to be created, set CREATE_WIKI_HELP = 'No' at the beginning of the file

This version had been tested with:

  • Wikidpad 1.9
  • Wikidpad 2.0rc01
  • Wikidpad 2.1alpha01


v 0.4 (29 May 2010)

  • Added: 'Fast enclose selection' command
  • Fixed: 'Sentence case' did not convert caps to lower case
  • Fixed: 'Remove blank lines'. Now no new line is inserted after blank lines
  • Changed: rearranged some key bindings because of conflict with standard Wikidpad ones (see above)

v 0.3 (30 Apr 2010)

  • Added: 'Insert blank line' and 'Remove blank lines' commands
  • Added: Word count
  • Added: a wiki page named EditExtensionsHelp is created when the plugin is first loaded
  • Fixed: 'Sort lines' sorted also every blank line present in the selection
  • Fixed: Trimming spaces around selection caused some commands like 'Strip from the beginning of line' to strip an incorrect number of characters on the first line
  • Fixed: 'Sentence case' now capitalizes the first alphabetical character of each line even when the line begins with no alphabetical characters
  • Changed: renamed 'Remove spaces' to 'Trim spaces'
  • Changed: rearranged some key bindings (see help)

v 0.2 (3 Sep 09)

  • Added: Cut line, Copy line, Duplicate line, Delete line and Swap lines commands
  • Slightly reorganized the order of menu items

v 0.1a (24 Jul 09)

  • Fixed: sort didn't work when lines contained non-ascii characters
  • Changed the case of some menu items to reflect the effect of the command

v 0.1 (21 Jul 09)

First release

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