After I finished writing the EditExtensions plugin I realized it had so many keyboard shortcuts that I would never remember any of them, and I didn't.

This is a slimmed down revamp of the Edit Extensions plugin that has only one shortcut. It triggers a pop up menu that appears somewhere near the caret and lets you choose one of the following functions:

  • lowercase
  • Title Case
  • Sentence case (works on multiple lines)
  • trim spaces (works on multiple lines)
  • compress spaces
  • insert before/after lines (obviously works on multiple lines :) )

The items above are pretty self-explanatory, as with any menu, you can select directly an item by pressing the underlined letter in its name.

The default shortcut is Ctrl-Alt-M, but it can be reassigned by adding to your in the user_extensions folder a line like so:


Happy edit, and don't forget to select some text first!

For reference, here are the functions of the old EditExtensions plugin that I didn't included in Edit Extensions Revamp:

Cut line, Copy line, Duplicate line, Delete line, Swap lines, Insert blank line, Remove blank lines, Sort lines, Strip from the beginning of line, Strip from the end of line, Enclose selection, Fast enclose selection, Show/Hide? white spaces, Show/Hide? end of line marker, Word count.


v0.1 (14 Sep 2011)

  • First release
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