• Wikidpad can be used to make a book of poems or songs.
    • The Titles of the songs can be WikiWords.
    • Artists can be linked to their songs.
  • Wikidpad can be used to rapidly develop a story outline.
  • Wikidpad can be used as a ScratchPad for various ideas.
  • Wikidpad can be used to take meeting minutes.
    • Participant names can be WikiWords
      • By using square brackets around a word (i.e. "[]") you can make a words like Jim or Bob be a link
    • You can write personal info into ParticipantName? pages
    • You can use ParticipantName? page to collect things you want to talk or do with that person (GTD agenda)
    • With ctrl-up you can quickly see which meetings certain person was present
  • Wikidpad can be used for Requirements Gathering.
    • Domain Concepts can be captured as different WikiWords during meetings with end users and stake holders in the project.
    • Gathered information can be exported periodically and sent to other team members, end users and other stake holders.
    • Business Analyst or Architect can maintain control over the accepted definition of the concepts.
  • Wikidpad can be used for deconstructing undocumented source code for maintenance purpose.
    • Various classes, or file names can become WikiWords.
    • Reading code and capturing the understanding on each of these pages allows to create a full picture of cross linked artifacts without making changes to existing code.
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