Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about how to use wikidPad

Why is this FAQ so short?

Because the documentation in WikidPad's help menu is quite good. :)

How do I insert a link to a file?

How do I insert a link to a file?

Note: Some items in Windows XP do not work with wikidPad 1.8rc13_1. Drag / drop of "My Documents" from the Desktop does not work. You need to navigate to the actual location on your hard-drive; then that folder can be dropped into wikidPad to create a link to the folder.

Can you link to a specific WikiWord in a different Wiki than the currently open Wiki?

You can link to a page like this: wiki:///C|/orange/

A wiki-link to a relative file path doesn't seem to be possible in WikidPad 1.9b8.

For the more and maybe more recent info on this look into WikidPad's help file.

How do I delete parentless nodes efficiently?

  • Use Ctrl-Shift-Up to show the list of parentless words.
  • Select first word
  • Select last word while pressing Shift (selects all words)
  • Push "Delete" button or type Alt-D.

You can also select an arbitrary subset of the words by Ctrl-clicking on them.

Does this site use WikidPad?

No. WikidPad is a personal single user application. This site is a classical wiki.

Is it possible to change default formatting settings?

Some limited settings are offered in the file "" in WikidPad installation directory, subdirectory "extensions".

  • Create a sibling directory of "extensions, named "user_extensions"
  • Copy "" to it
  • Edit the copy. You can set the basic fonts used in the editor as well as the font sizes for normal text as well as for the headings.

Why isn't there a "Save All"?

The builtin "Save" does save all open tabs.

Why are paragraphs after a bulleted or numbered list indented in preview?

If the bulleted/numbered items in the list are not indented in editor WikidPad can't know when the list ends and continues it up to the end of the page. Therefore indent the list in editor:

    1. First item
    2. Second item

A non-indented paragraph of stuff

    1. Second list, first item
    2. Second item.

When switching from 1.9 to 2.0 editing became very slow

Go to menu "Extras" -> "Options".

In the list of options pages on the left choose the first "Advanced" entry.

On the right set entry "Sync. highlighting limit" to something about 500 (maybe lower on older systems).

You can additionally try to increase "Highlight start delay" to 0.5 up to about 2.

Is it possible to export *.wiki files as *.tex/*.chm/*.pdf files?

This is not supported at the moment, only HTML.

How do I create my own wiki language

For version 2.0 or later see HowToCreateWikiLanguage20.

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