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     1== What you need to know for a first quick start ==
     2 * Download the installer for Windows [ here] or [ here]. Or go to InstallLinux or InstallMacosx. Install.
     3 * Don't be scared by WikidPad's many features: The basics are very simple. Don't worry about the complex features in the beginning. You will grow into it later.
     4 * The main tree in WikidPad does not work like an outliner. If it confuses you, turn it off for now, you will understand it later.
     5 * To get yourself started:
     6   * Create yourself a wiki by clicking on "New" in the menu "Wiki". When you're asked for the database format I recommend "orginal sqlite" which will store in plain text files.
     7   * For now see WikidPad as a collection of text files. If you want to write something down about some topic, press CTRL-O (O like "open"), type the name of the topic and press enter. Now write down your notes. (Bonus: You can put headings into the text by starting a line with "++".)
     8   * If you want to see your notes on a topic, press Ctrl+O and type what you are looking for. Or use the search box in the main window for full-text-search.
     9   * You can insert links from one topic to another by putting the name of a topic in square brackets. Like [My software]. (Bonus: CTRL-Space auto-completes]
     11That's all you need to start out!
     13Another nice, more detailed tutorial:
     15== Short Getting started with WikidPad's tree and more advanced features ==
     16Stolen from:
     18    * Create a new wiki (a whole new wiki, not just a new page) and decide where to save it, etc.
     19    * Choose the wiki type. Normally "Original Sqlite" is a good choice under Windows
     22    * Find the ScratchPad and on it type a wikiword in PascalCase
     23      * as long as there are two upper-case letters (and at least one lower case letter) in the word, it will work
     24    * Note that it is automatically underlined
     25    * Wait for the auto-save, and take a look at the outline: the new page has appeared as a node under the ScratchPad (works since !WikidPadCompact 1.5.5u beta and !WikidPad 1.20beta2)
     27    * Click on the newly created link, and you will find yourself on the new page
     28    * Return to the ScratchPad, highlight the link, and cut it
     29    * Look at the outline: ''the page has vanished!'' (don't panic)
     30    * Go to the home page, paste your link there, and see how the outline is redrawn again   
     31    * Now click on Views in the outline (you might have to wait for a refresh, or press Ctrl+S to save).... the new page now appears there under parentless-nodes (Was undefined-nodes in v1.8rc13_1)
     32    * Take a quick look at the other special functions showing up under the View section of the tree
     33    * Take a look at the Wiki Settings page and get a quick preview as to how you'll be tagging and annotating your pages
     34    * Just as a teaser, write the following first two lines on any page except the wiki settings page, and the next two lines on a different page, and see what happens in the tree (and then leave these texts in the wiki to use later in the tutorial):
     37{{{ about keys
     39[Current:this week]
     41todo.home:mend chair leg
     44(The uppercase C in Current is a hack to make it appear at the top of the outline list.)