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     1What is this about? - Search your WikidPad-Wikis with Google Desktop (and optionally access them remotely)
     3You can obtain Google Desktop here, for free:
     5== Problem: Google Desktop doesn't search .wiki-files! ==
     6With the following plugins you can tell Google Desktop to treat .wiki-files as plain text files:
     7 * Halftone Search for Google Desktop:
     8 * anytextfileindexer:
     10== How can I access my wikis remotely with Google Desktop? ==
     11See here:
     13== Remaining problems ==
     14Google Desktop shows me only results in files I changed after Google Desktop was installed. Re-indexing doesn't help. Any help on this?
     16Proposed solution, not tested: "touch" all files to with a touch-utility:
     17 (although I prefer the unix type binaries compiled for Win32, off
     18 ) or ("touch" can be found in "coreutils" package
     19 )
     21== Windows Desktop Search Note ==
     22"wiki" files can be indexed and searched by WDS easily.
     23Just follow those steps:
     24 1. open the "'''Windows Desktop Search Options'''" dialog and go to the "'''Advanced -> File Types'''" Section.
     25 1. Look for ".wiki" on the list and make sure it is selected as "'''Index Properties and File Contents'''" and is of type "'''Plain text filter'''".
     26 1. After the index is updated - you can get search results from your "wiki" files.