How to create a new wiki language (since 2.0)?

In installation directory copy file "extensions\wikidPadParser\" to directory "user_extensions" (not "user_extensions\wikidPadParser"!). If the directory doesn't exist, create it as sibling of "extensions".

Rename the file "" in "user_extensions" to something else.

In the file, find (about line 1927):

    return (("wikidpad_default_2_0", u"WikidPad default 2.0", parserFactory,
             True, languageHelperFactory, True),)

and change the strings "wikidpad_default_2_0" and u"WikidPad default 2.0" to something else (the internal and human readable name of your modified wiki language).

You can now modify the file further to change the language.

In WikidPad choose for your wiki(s) your new language in options dialog, page "Current Wiki".


  • After updates of the main program, updating of your wiki language plugin may be necessary to reflect changes in the default language plugin. At the beginning of the original "" there is a comment "# Last modified ..." telling you the date of last modification of this file
  • WikidPad's parser is based on pyparsing (but modified in some ways). For deeper understanding of the language grammar, you should therefore also look at
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