How to transfer WikidPad to a new computer

Currently this only describes a transfer from Windows to Windows system.

WikidPad consists of three parts at different locations on the hard drive:

  1. Program (the part mainly written by me and contained in the installer)
  2. User configuration information
  3. Data (your wiki or wikis)

1. Program

It is normally located at a path like e.g. "C:\Program Files\WikidPad"

To transfer the program it is the cleanest way to install it freshly on the new computer. It is recommend to downloaded one of the .exe files from the WikidPad homepage.

It should match the main version of WikidPad you are currently using (e.g. 1.8 or 1.9).

2. User configuration information

It is normally located at a path like e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows username>\Application Data\WikidPad"

To find the exact path, run WikidPad on the old computer. In menu "Help" go to "About". In the appearing dialog scroll to the end of the text. There should be an entry "Your configuration directory is: " followed by the path. The complete content of directory "WikidPad" including possible subdirectories must be copied to new computer.

To find the destination path, run WikidPad on the new computer and find the configuration directory in the same way as above (probability is high that the path is even the same).

Then terminate WikidPad on the new computer (important!) and copy all files and subdirectories from the old configuration directory to the new one. You may be asked if you want to overwrite already existing files, answer "Yes".

3. Data

It is often located at a path below e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows username>\My Files" but may also be somewhere else.

To find the exact path, start WikidPad on the old computer, in the title of its window you should see the path to the wiki configuration file (suffix: ".wiki"). You must copy the whole directory (and subdirectories) which contains this file to the new computer (while WikidPad is not running!).

The destination location on new computer can be choosen rather freely.

You must repeat these steps for every wiki you have.

After copying you can start WikidPad on the new computer. You may see an empty tree and text field at first because WikidPad tried to open the last opened wiki using the old path. In this case you must open the wiki at the new location.

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