IMDB top250 plugin for wikidpad

Purpose: track the IMDB top 250 movies you haven't seen yet.

Author: me

License: public domain

Tested with: wikidpad 1.9beta20, Mac OSX

  1. drop this script into a directory named "user_extensions" inside the wikidpad directory
  2. restart wikidpad
  3. select "Plugins -> Update from IMDB" from the menu (or press Apple-Shift-I or Ctrl-Shift-I)
  4. You should now have a page named ImdbTop250 with the movies in it
  5. Create a page named "ImdbTop250NotSeen", when it is opened for the first time, the contents should be automatically filled with all of the movies from the ImdbTop250 (because you haven't marked them yet as seen)
  6. Create a page named "WatchedMovies" and enter the imdb movie IDs there of the movies you have seen. IDs are in the format "tt1234567" that you can see in IMDB web site's URLs.
  7. Go back to "ImdbTop250NotSeen" and the changes should be reflected there.
  8. Whenever the top250 list is updated on the web, you can just select "Update from IMDB" and your lists will be automatically updated. 

  * ImdbTop250 and ImdbTop250NotSeen contents are DELETED when automatically updating, not not edit them or your changes will get lost in the next update.
  * The most convinient way to enter movies into "WatchedMovies" is to just copy the corresponding lines from "ImdbTop250NotSeen"

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