Insert Symbols version Two for Wikidpad

by alessandro orsi, version 1.1 - license GPL

NOTE: This is version two of the Insert Symbols plugin, and it's compatible only with Wikidpad 2.0 and above. If you are still using Wikidpad 1.9, download the old Insert Symbols plugin from here

This plugin displays a window with a list of symbols. Double-clicking any of them will insert the symbol at the current cursor position in the Wikidpad editor.

The first time the plugin is called it creates a standard list of symbols, the list can be costumized, see Options below.

The symbols window can be moved and resized. Wikidpad will remember its size and position every time you close the window.


The !InsertSymbols2 plugin options are accessed by opening Wikidpad Options dialog and selecting Insert Symbols under Plugins options.

In the first field you can add or delete symbols from the the list of symbols. Separate each symbol with a comma, don't worry about the number of spaces between symbols or if there is a space at all. Next time you open the Options dialogue the symbols list will be displayed with each symbol followed by a comma and one space.

In case the symbols show too small or too big, you can set the font size for both the Options dialogue and the symbols window in the field 'Font size'.

If you want to keep the symbols window temporarly open, you can choose a modifier key (Alt, Control, or Shift) to press while double-clicking or together with ENTER. The symbol will be inserted at the current cursor position, the symbols window will remain open and the focus will switch to Wikidpad editor. To go back to the symbols window if using the keyboard, press the plugin shortcut, default Ctrl-Alt-I.

If you want the symbols window to close only when closing the window or pressing ESC, check Symbols window stays always open. This option overrides the modifier key above.

Keyboard navigation and shortcuts

Ctrl-Alt-I will open the window with the list of symbols or switch the focus to it when it's pinned

Up and Down arrows will move through the symbols

Enter will insert the currently selected symbol in Wikidpad's editor

Esc will close the window without inserting any symbol

Note: to define a different shortcut for opening the symbols window create, if it doesn't exist already, the file in your user_extensions folder and add the line:

InsertSymbols="Alt-I" <-- substitute Alt-I with the shortcut you want to assign to Insert Symbols

Installing and upgrading

If you are installing the plugin for the first time, copy the file ! to the user_extensions folder and restart Wikidpad.

If you are upgrading from version 1.0 and above:

  • make a copy of your custumized list of symbols
  • replace the old ! with the new one

If you are upgrading from pre-1.0 versions:

  • make a copy of your custumized list of symbols
  • in the user_extensions folder delete:, InsertSymbols.pyc, InsertSymbols.cfg, InsertSymbols.dat
  • copy the file ! to the user_extensions folder
  • restart Wikidpad

Known bugs

On Linux, after inserting a symbol when the symbols window is pinned or is kept open with a modifier key, the focus won't switch to the editor but will stay on the symbols window.


v1.1 - 12 Mar 2011

Added: option to make the symbols window stay temporary open while pressing a modifier key

Added: option to make the symbols window stay always open (pinned)

Fixed: added a space after each comma in the symbols list of the Options dialogue to improve readability

v1.0 - 9 Feb 2011

First release

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