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Insert Symbols plugin for Wikidpad

by alessandro orsi, version 0.3.2 - license GPL

This is a simple plugin that displays a window with a list of symbols. Double-clicking any of them will close the window and insert the symbol at the current cursor position in the Wikidpad editor.

The list of symbol is user-defined, and can be modified through the Edit menu of the Symbols window: clicking Modify symbols list will open a new window where you can add or remove symbols. Remember to separate symbols with a comma.

The first time it is called, the plugin will create two files in Wikidpad's user_extensions folder:

  • InsertSymbols.cfg
  • InsertSymbols.dat

InsertSymbols.cfg is a text configuration file where you can modify the size of the font for the symbols displayed in the list and the size of the windows displayed by the plugin.

InsertSymbols.dat is a binary file (a Python pickled list), and contains the current list of symbols. If you delete it, it will be recreated with a standard list of symbols the next time the plugin is called.

Keyboard navigation

Ctrl-Alt-I will open the window with the list of symbols

Up and Down arrows will move through the symbols

Enter will insert the currently selected symbol in Wikidpad's editor

Esc will close the window without inserting any symbol, or will close the Edit Symbols window without making any change to the list

Tab will cycle through the controls in the Edit Symbols window

Alt-E will open the menu in the Symbols window

Installing and upgrading

The plugin should work with Wikidpad 1.9 to Wikidpad 2.1betas

To install, copy to the user_extensions folder and restart Wikidpad.

To upgrade replace the old with the new one and restart Wikidpad.

(!) If you customized the list of symbols contained at the beginning of the file in v0.2, copy it somewhere before upgrading to v0.3


v0.3.2 - 24 Jan 2011

Fixed: modifying the symbols list prevented Wikidpad from shutting down properly

v0.3.1 - 16 Jan 2011

Fixed: ok/cancel buttons of the Edit Symbols dialogue now show in the correct order according to the operating system

v0.3 - 16 Jan 2011

Added: dialogue to edit the current list of symbols

Fixed: plugin icon was displayed in the taskbar

Fixed: minimize/restore issues

Changed: moved configuration options and symbols list from the plugin file to separate files

v0.2 - 3 Jan 2011

Fixed: plugin didn't work with Wikidpad 2.0 and 1.9

v0.1 - 20 Dec 2010

First release

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