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Insert Symbols plugin for Wikidpad

by alessandro orsi, license GPL

This is a simple plugin that displays a window with a list of symbols. Double-clicking any of them will close the window and insert the symbol at the current cursor position in the Wikidpad editor.

The list of symbol is user-defined, and can be modified adding more symbols or deleting any of them. To do so, open with a text editor, at the beginning of the file, under the SETTINGS section, add or remove symbols from the line:


separate each symbol with a comma. (!) Make sure the symbols you list here are effectively present in the font you are using in the Wikidpad editor

If the symbols shown in the window are too small or too big, you can modify the font size by changing:


The Symbols window can also be managed using only the keyboard:

Ctrl-Alt-I will open the window with the list of symbols

Up and Down arrows will move through the symbols

Enter will insert the currently selected symbol in Wikipad's editor

Esc will close the window without inserting any symbol

To install, copy to the user_extensions folder and restart Wikidpad.


v0.2 - 3 Jan 2011

Fixed: plugin didn't work with Wikidpad 2.0 and 1.9

v0.1 - 20 Dec 2010

First release

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