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Run Wikidpad From Source On Windows

What you will need

  • Python 2.6, download from here
  • wxPython 2.8, download from here
  • SQLite3.dll, download from here

If you want to be able to use Internet Explorer as a renderer for Wikidpad preview, you will also need:

The version of each package above is not mandatory, they are the ones that the binary distribution of Wikidpad uses. You may want to experiment with others. The binary version of Wikidpad 1.9 is compiled against wxPython 2.6

Of course you will also need:

  • Wikidpad source code, download from here


To make the examples easier, we'll suppose that:

  • Python is installed in C:\Python
  • Wikidpad source code has been unpacked in C:\Wikidpad

Replace the paths above with the corresponding ones in your computer.

  1. Install Python and wxPython
  1. Unpack Wikidpad source package in a folder of your choice
  1. In C:\Python\Lib\site-packages create a new file named Wikidpad_lib.pth. Open the file with a text editor and add a line with the path to Wikidpad lib folder, in our example: C:\Wikidpad\lib
  1. Extract the SQLite package and copy sqlite3.dll in a folder included in your %PATH%, for example in your Python folder. To find out which folders are in the path, open a console window (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe) and type set, find the line that starts with Path

    NOTE: putting SQLite in your %PATH% can lead to problems if other programs need a different version of the same library. A better solution is to put sqlite3.dll in the main Wikidpad folder, but to have Wikidpad find it there, you need to modify the file thus:

    Find, around line 22:


    And just before this line add:

    os.environ["PATH"] = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(sys.argv[0])) + ";" + os.environ["PATH"]
  1. If you want to use Internet Explorer as a preview renderer, install Comtypes

Associate .wiki extension

To associate the .wiki extension with Wikidpad, so that your wikis open automatically in Wikidpad when you double-click on them:

  1. Open an Explorer window

  1. In the menu select: Tools -> Folder Opions, then click on the tab that reads File types
  1. Click on New and create a new extension called wiki
  1. Select wiki from the extensions list, click on Advanced, then New:

In the Action field choose a name for the action, for example open

In the Application used to perform action field write, in quotes: the path to pythonw.exe, followed by the path to, followed by "%1". Quotes are necessary if any of the paths contains spaces.

In our example it would be:

"C:\Python\pythonw.exe" "C:\Wikidpad\" "%1"

Now every time you double click on a file with .wiki extension it will open automatically with Wikidpad.

NOTE: these instructions have been tested with a system running Windows XP SP2. In Vista and Windows7 there will probably be some difference. If you own one of those systems, please, feel free to update this page.