Scripts and Plugins for WikidPad


How to install: Put the source file into "user_extensions/" in the WikidPad directory and restart WikidPad.

New Plugins, new ones go on top in this section

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  • AddToBlacklist: Add words to the wiki blacklist with a single keystroke.
  • Anchorify: Select any text, press Ctrl-Shift-Z and it will be surrounded with <a href=""></a> HTML tags.
  • AutoEval: Automatically evals the page when opened if marked with autoeval property.
  • BloggerExtension: The Blogger extends the Wikidpad personal wiki to allow creating a simple daily blog entry.
  • CalendarControl: The Calendar Control plug-in provides blog-like date navigation for wikidPad wikis.
  • CoDiFy: Put the selected text in HTML <code></code> tags.
  • Colorizer: Colorize text selection via font tags in different colors
  • CsvToTableIns: Inserts a delimited data file as a table
  • CmdLineIns: Insertion script to execute commandline command and insert output from command
  • DateFormat : a sample date format used to automatically log my entries.
  • EditExtensions : Add some edit functionality to Wikidpad
  • EmacsStyleKeybindings: Emacs-style keyboard shortcuts for editing.
  • Edit Extensions Revamp: A slimmer popup-menu revamp of the [EditExtensions] plugin
  • FileFindIns: Insertion script to insert links to files or images on disk
  • FormatTable: A simple script that allows quick formating of tables within Wikidpad
  • GrepSearch; Enables searching wikiPad data using grep from within Wikidpad
  • Groff: Use Groff to render equations, diagrams and text as images.
  • ImdbPlugin: automatically maintain a list of top 250 IMDB movies you haven't seen
  • ImportTomboy : Allows WikidPad to import notes from TomBoy?.
  • InsertSymbols2: Pop-up window to insert user-defined symbols in Wikidpad editor
  • LaTex: Renders math with Latex and dvipng, not tested on Windows
  • LilyPond: Renders musical fragments using lilypond.
  • MathJaxPlugin: Latex rendering via MathJax
  • NextAndPreviousHeading: Moves cursor to next or previous heading
  • NextFootnote : Inserts the next footnote number at the cursors position and at the bottom of the current wiki word
  • OneLevelUp: Moves up one level in the subpages hierarchy
  • OrgFileExporter: Exports wiki in emacs org-mode file format (
  • PasteHTML: Add the ability to paste formated text directly into Wikidpad
  • PrettyCode : Syntax highlighting for many languages using Pygments. Done by user sweinst2000
  • Pic2Plot: Renders PIC graphic language images
  • Rasterizer: display vector image files in HTML preview
  • ReversedHeadings: Plugin reverses size of headings so + is smallest
  • SimpleSpoilers: Adds minimal javascript to exported wikis that make portions of a page hidden until a button is pressed.
  • SubpageCreate: Press CTRL-ALT-S to insert a link to a subpage of the current page.
  • TagView: a plugin along with a few other functions for using the tag metaphor from within WikidPad
  • ToggleFold: Toggle folding with the keyboard
  • UrlifyFile: Select a path, press CTRL-U and it will turn into a clickable URL.
  • WikidMap: A simple mindmap for WikidPad.
  • WikidpadInterWiki: Use InterWiki syntax in WikidPad
  • WordCountInsertion: Inserts the count of the words on the page

Plugins for WikidPad Developers



Dynamically Generated Todos/properties

Automatically Generated Sections

  • SetupAutoSection : creates a area for generated content if it doesnt as yet exist on a page - then clears it and inserts the cursor within the section. can be used by all scripts that need to put a load of output somewhere on a wikipage.


  • ChangeHeadingLevel: Scripts which will increase/decrease the level of the headings in the selection.
  • IsWikiWord : how to determine if a string is a wikiword
  • MakeWikiWord : replaces the selected word with its equivalent wrapped in brackets.
  • UrlToLink : Converts urls dragged to the editor like file://.../name.txt to [url |name]


  • OutlookLink: VBA macros for Outlook that generate <Outlook:...> style links to individual email messages. These can be pasted in WikidPad pages as clickable links.

Wiki syntax changes

You should know this page: WikiSyntax

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