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a store of scripts for customizing or adding functionality to WikidPad :

How to install

Here we will collect hints how to install plugins:



  • DateFormat : a sample date format used to automatically log my entries.
  • ToggleFold: Toggle folding with the keyboard

Dynamically Generated Todos/properties

  • Next Action : dynamically generated 'Next Actions' and 'Waiting For' pages using keywords todo and wait. see GettingThingsDone
  • SortedTodos : uses the basic mechanism used in the above script to generate a dynamic list of todos, buts sorts them into user-defined categories
  • SortedProperties: a little WikidPadHook? that will list a variety of properties
  • LogTask: appends a new "track.log.YEAR.MONTH.DAY.WIKIPAGE: ()" under the "Log" header section.
  • Christian Ziemski's Todo thingy, with lots of explanations and screenshots:

Automatically Generated Sections

  • SetupAutoSection : creates a area for generated content if it doesnt as yet exist on a page - then clears it and inserts the cursor within the section. can be used by all scripts that need to put a load of output somewhere on a wikipage.


  • ChangeHeadingLevel: Scripts which will increase/decrease the level of the headings in the selection.
  • IsWikiWord : how to determine if a string is a wikiword
  • MakeWikiWord : replaces the selected word with its equivalent wrapped in brackets.


  • UrlifyFile: Select a path, press CTRL-U and it will turn into a clickable URL.
  • Anchorify: Select any text, press Ctrl-Shift-Z and it will be surrounded with <a href=""></a> HTML tags.
  • SubpageCreate: Press CTRL-ALT-S to insert a link to a subpage of the current page.
  • InterWiki: Use InterWiki syntax in WikidPad
  • CoDiFy: Put the selected text in HTML <code></code> tags.
  • TagView: a plugin along with a few other functions for using the tag metaphor from within WikidPad
  • Rasterizer: display vector image files in HTML preview
  • CmdLineIns: Insertion script to execute commandline command and insert output from command
  • FileFindIns: Insertion script to insert links to files on disk
  • AddToBlacklist: Add words to the wiki blacklist with a single keystroke.
  • ImdbPlugin: automatically maintain a list of top 250 IMDB movies you haven't seen
  • LaTex: Renders math with Latex and dvipng, not tested on Windows
  • AutoEval: Automatically evals the page when opened if marked with autoeval property.

Plugins for WikidPad Developers

Wiki syntax changes

You should know this page: WikiSyntax

Scripts and Plugins Wishlist

  • Implement CREOLE
  • plugin to insert math formulas in Latex or MathML? <- NOTE: made possible by integration with MimeTeX
  • Scripts for updating online public wikis from your wikidpad.
  • Scripts for VisualizingTheWiki? - view/browse the graph of your wiki - was thinking about something like ConnectedText?'s Navigator :
  • Versioned Wiki (Mercurial?)
  • Alow pasting of pictures into WikidPad (on paste action - picture in clipboard should be saved under random name in 'storage' folder, and then link to it should be inserted at current cursor location) [ this is very useful for screenshot pastes ] <- NOTE: made (somewhat) possible in latest 1.9 Beta versions...
  • Do not autolink WikiWords (i.e. option to use [forced links] only) <- NOTE: Made possible by setting 'camelCaseWordsEnabled: false' attribute...