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WikidPad exporter to emacs org-mode files (


This exporter lacks a lot of features. It's just a quick hack to export some data from WikidPad. Feel free to improved. Current supported features:

  • Exporting data to a unique file, each word in a node.
  • It uses WikidPad parser classes to get WikidPad data.
  • It uses PyOrgMode? library to generate org files.
  • It set ups links from wiki words in pages to actual nodes (inserting CUSTOM_ID properties).
  • It processes bold and italics.
  • It processes tables (only simple ones).
  • It processes horizontal rules.
  • It processes unordered and ordered lists.

However this features known to be missing:

  • Does not support footnotes.
  • Does not support insertion.
  • Does not support roman lists.
  • Does not support alpha lists.
  • Does not support wikidpad anchors in text.
  • Only strategy available to layout nodes is "one word, one node".
  • Doesn't have a clever way to solve presence of headings in words.



  1. If user_extensions/ folder in WikidPad installation doesn't exist, create it as a sibling of extensions/
  2. Copy to user_extensions/
  3. Copy PyOrgMode?.py to user_extensions/


  1. Select Extra/Export?
  2. Select "Org mode file" in "Export to:" dropdown.
  3. Select destination file (it will create a single file).
  4. Adjust all other settings as desired.
  5. Press OK.


  • Josep Mones Teixidor < jmones at gmail dot com >
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