PrettyCode is syntax highlighting plugin, which enables using Wikidpad as a well-organized code-snippets repository. This plugin was made by user sweinst2000. Unfortunately it was only referenced in the Yahoo mail group, so it was not easy to find information on that plugin.

Almost all information in this page is copied from mailing-list messages from 2008...

The plugin works best with external preview (IE). It also works with internal preview, but background colors will not be available.

Installation before WikidPad 2.3beta08

Note: I had to move the also into the "lib" directory.

Installation since WikidPad 2.3beta08

Download, place it in the "user_extensions" directory of your Wikidpad installation (you may have to create this folder) and restart WikidPad if it was running. If you have problems with this variant of the plugin, use mailing list or contact mbutscher@….

Previous version is available at


  • wiki syntax:
  • options:
    • lang: the name of the programming language (see the plugin options panel for a list of these) (default: see the plugin options panel)
    • showLines: 0 if the line numbers should not be displayed, a non-zero value otherwise (default: see the plugin options panel)
    • startLine: the number of the first line (default: 1)
    • hlLines: a comma separated list of line numbers to highlight (default: none)
    • bkg: the Id of a background defined in the options panel,
      • "default" for the default background (or no bkg option),
      • an empty string for no background
  • menu entries:
    • paste the clipboard contents as a code with the default options set in the plugin options panel
  • surround the selection with the appropriate tags, option values are the default options set in the plugin options panel

For the new plugin variant "!" an alternative syntax is


with the same options

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