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     1= Synchronizing WikidPad to between multiple locations =
     3 * [ Synchro over FTP example]
     4 * Under WinXP, you can declare a WebDav folder and declare a new wiki onto that folder. Works great at my side.
     5 * You can use Subversion
     6 * [ Git] works really great
     7   * Doesn't require explicit renames (implicitly figures out when somethings been renamed)
     8   * Doesn't require explicit deletes (it figures that out, too)
     10= With Dropbox =
     11You will find the most recent version of this here:
     13The following is just a plain text copy of the current version, links not working:
     15I am using successfully for several month to sync my WikidPad-wikis to three computers. I use a original-sqlite database. This is important for it to work. In WikidPad's help you will find how to convert an existing wiki. I do not even quit WikidPad on one of the computers at all. Nevertheless I have no syncing problems. Since I don't quit WikidPad from time to time not all pages are found because they were changed on a different computer and were not indexed yet; then I do a database rebuild (in WikiPad's menu "Wiki") and everything is fine again; you can ignore the warning. Once in a while you should check your Wikis data directory for files with "conflicted copy" in the name; these are generated by Dropbox. You have to merge these manually. I recommend WinMerge for doing that.
     17== WinSCP-script ==
     18I do that with a WinSCP3-sync script, which I start in my logout.cmd.
     21It looks like this:
     23This is the file "sync.cmd":
     24winscp3 <Synr-auf-Delli.winscp
     27--- cut ---
     29This is the file "Synr-auf-Delli.winscp":
     32option transfer binary
     33option synchdelete on
     34  synchronize local Q:\Ho\Synr