Troubleshooting Wikid Pad

SECTION : Corrupted Wikis:

  • Symptom: On loading a wiki, the following message appears: "Error connecting to database in 'C:\...\data'. Bad marshal data." The wiki never loads.
  • Cause: The wiki database is corrupted.
  • Fix: First, backup the corrupted wiki, just in case. Go into the data directory of another working wiki and copy all files ending with ".grl", the "wikidb.fgd" file and the "index" subdirectory into the data directory of the damaged wiki and overwrite the corrupted files. After that try to open and rebuild the damaged wiki.

SECTION : Startup Problems:

  • In General: If there is a directory "user_extensions" in your WikidPad installation directory then rename it and restart WikidPad. If it works now then one of the installed user extensions causes the problem.
  • Symptom: On WikidPad application startup, the following message appears: "Error starting wikidPad. global name 'FootnoteRE' is not defined" The application closes.
  • Cause: The file "" was changed in 1.20beta. Your own old modified version is not compatible.
  • Fix: Go to your "user_extensions" directory and rename file "" with some other filename extension, for example "". Restart WikidPad and everything should be ok. Next compare the two files and copy your modifications from old to new.
  • Symptom:
    Version: 'wikidPad 1.8beta1' Session start: 2006-09-09 14:00:17
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "WikidPadStarter.pyo", line 427, in ?
      File "WikidPadStarter.pyo", line 181, in __init__
      File "wx\_core.pyo", line 7668, in __init__
      File "wx\_core.pyo", line 7320, in _BootstrapApp
      File "WikidPadStarter.pyo", line 194, in OnInit
      File "WikidPadStarter.pyo", line 127, in findDirs
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 26-38: ordinal not in range(128)

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