WikidPad is a standalone-desktop application; it is not web-enabled or capable of allowing web viewers or visitors to modify the wiki. Rather it allows an individual computer end user with WikidPad installed the power of a wiki outline and wiki markup for organizing, outlining and linking thoughts on the desktop. WikidPad is really two applications. (1) On the "edit" tab, a text-editor, like Windows Notepad and (2) On the "preview" tab, a specialized wiki browser enabled to interpret the wikidPad (wiki-like) markup language. The program also includes several utilities for exporting and viewing and printing the wiki-like output.

"Hidden" Keybindings

The standard keybindings of the editor control used for WikidPad don't seem to be covered in WikidPad's help file. You can find them here: (In the beginning of the table there is only obvious boring stuff, but at the end you will find some useful things.)

Some useful syntax rules

WikidPad syntax is similar, but not identical, to wiki syntax found in other wiki applications. The syntax is documented in the WikiPadHelp? wiki, that comes with WikiPad.

Escaping The WikiPad syntax

You may need to escape WikiPad syntax characters to be able to write or print those characters (i.e. view them in the preview pane).

In WikiPad the backslash ("\") character is used to suppresses the special meaning of the syntax characters. That is, by prepending a WikiPad formatting character - like "*", "_", or "[" - with a backslash, the character loose its special meaning, and it's read (parsed) by WikiPad as ordinary text. Escaping works on automatic hypertext linking of CamelCase wiki word, too.

\_italics\_ - escapes the italics formating, and prints the _.
\*asterisks\* - escapes bold face formating. Prints the *.
\WikidPad - escapes automatic linking of CamelCase wiki word.
\[brackets] - escapes hypertext links, prints brackets.

To escape all camel-case words on a page at once put

[camelCaseWordsEnabled: false]

on this page.


WikidPad permits the user to format his text as

*bold* , bold

_italic_ , italic


+ Heading1
++ Heading2
+++ Heading3
++++ Heading4

Hypertext Linking

WikidPad allows or encourages the extremely simple (or automatic) use of hypertext linking to separate content bearing pages. By breaking content into separate one-topic hyperlinked, forward and back, pages organization and ordered thinking and meaningful presentation of complex ideas is made easy. (The example is the complex information simply accessed through the WikiPedia?.)

Linking with brackets: Alternatively you can use this syntax: [link]

Displays like this: link

Another alternative is to use HTML markup:

<a href="">link</a>

This works with files as well as URLs.

For WikiPad hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts), see KeyBindings? in WikiPadHelp? - that is, the inline help that comes with WikiPad (Wiki > Help > Open WikiPadHelp?).


Unordered list:

  * list item 
  * list item
    * list item
      * list item
    * list item
  * list item
  • list item 1
  • list item 2
    • list item 2.1
      • list item 2.1.1
    • list item 2.2
  • list item 3

Ordered list:

  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2
    1. list item 2.1
      2. list item 2.1.1
    2. list item 2.2
  3. list item 3
  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2
    1. list item 2.1
      1. list item 2.1.1
    2. list item 2.2
  3. list item 3

See the WikiPadHelp? wiki for more on Bulleted Lists.



Row1Col1 | *Row1Col2* | *Row1Col2* 
Row2Col1 | Row2Col2  | Row2Col3 
Row3Col1 | Row3Col2  | [WikiPad] 


Row1Col1 Row1Col2 Row1Col3
Row2Col3 Row2Col3 Row2Col3
Row3Col3 Row3Col3 Wikipad

Preformated text

To preformat text (i.e. text is enclosed in <pre> tags in the preview pane)

Section of text that is to be preformated.

Tip: To use a monospaced font on an entire page, insert a font document attribute, and set the value to a fixed width font (like "Courier New", "Andale Mono", "Lucida Console", "Courier" ...) on the page:

[font: Courier New]

Note that using a monospaced font is not the same as using preformated text. For more on wiki dokument attributes, see the WikiPadHelp? wiki in WikiPad.

Using images

Syntax: URL or path to image file.

Wikipad support HTML image tag. The syntax for local image:

<img src="C:\Wikipad\images\wikipad_small2.jpg">

(The image is from Derek Scruggs weblog on WikiPad The Evolution of a Wiki Entry)

Syntax for using images on the WWW:

 <img src="">

This image is from Maryland Science Center

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