Changing the Wiki markup syntax in WikidPad 2.x

Changing the Wiki markup syntax in WikidPad 1.x

This won't work in WikidPad 2.0.

You will find the regular expressions for WikidPad's syntax here on MS Windows: C:\Program Files\WikidPad\extensions\

But changes are better made in your user dir. Create in your .WikidPadGlobals\user_extensions- directory. (If you can't find it, you can also change it in C:\Program Files\WikidPad\extensions\ , but that will be overwritten on an WipidPad?-update I think.)

If you create a new .WikidPadGlobals \user_extensions\, this needs to go in the beginning of the file:

import locale
import string

import pwiki.srePersistent as re
from pwiki.StringOps import mbcsDec 
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