WikidPad Screen Layout

So, what does WikidPad look like, anyway?

Here is a screenshot from Derek Scruggs' article, "Evolution of a Wiki Entry"

It is an example of how many people are using WikidPad - as an implementation of the "Getting Things Done" workflow management method.

The left "pane" is the tree, a list of "nodes" or "Pages", used for navigating through a particular wiki. In the right pane the contents of the selected page are displayed. Derek is viewing the "Home", or Main page, at the top of the tree. Derek's wiki is called "AllToDo?" although it is displayed in the page title as "All To Do" - more human-readable than the CamelCase version.

On his home page Derek has created a list of "child nodes" by entering them as WikiWords. He has used a trick to "force" certain nodes to the top of the tree - notice the pre-pended underscore in "_ClickThruStats", which causes it to be listed before "Agendas" in the tree. And "Agendas" isn't a WikiWord, but by enclosing it in square brackets, WikidPad "knows" it is a page name, and so creates the page called "Agendas". Another trick is the prefixed "zzz" in "zzzSomedayMaybe", which forces the node to the bottom of the tree.

In addition to the list of child pages in Derek's home page, there are also some additional WikidPad features:

The parameters in square brackets, separated from their values by a colon, are called "attributes" of a page, in WikidPad-speak. The icon for the home page is a file called "home.gif" located in the WikidPad directory. "Todos" are a special type of entry that can be placed in any page, and use a number of reserved words, including "todo", followed by a modifier, or "context" after the period character. The "Todos" then appear in the left pane under the "Views" portion of the tree.

Here is another screenshot from the "Ask Derek Scruggs" article on WikidPad:

Here, Derek has selected a particular project page, "Click Thru Stats", and has entered a long list of todo items, which, in turn, appear under the "Views" portion of the tree pane.

WikidPad Features

  • On the fly WikiWord linking, as you type
  • WikiWord auto-completion
  • Easy WikiWord navigation
  • Wiki text styling
  • WikiWord History
  • Wiki document attributes
  • Dynamic views
  • Tree/Outline? view with over 100 icons
  • Todo lists
  • Incremental search
  • Search and Replace
  • Autosave
  • Export to HTML
  • All your data is stored in plain text
  • URL and file linking
  • Intuitive keybindings
  • Help Wiki included
  • Nodes
  • ScratchPad
  • Attributes (labels)
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