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WikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down.

What makes wikidPad different from other notepad applications is the speed and ease with which you can cross-link your information. Links in a wiki are created by typing in WikiWords. A WikiWord is any mixed case word typed into the editor. TodoList? or JohnDoe are example WikiWords. The term wiki means "quick" in Hawaiian, and wikis are all about quickly linking your information together. Wikis are not a new concept, in fact there are many web-based wiki servers available. But WikidPad is right there on your PC's hard drive - it's your personal wiki. In fact, WikidPad is so compact that you can carry the WikidPad executable files plus multiple wikis in your pocket or purse, on a thumb drive!

Another thing that distinguishes WikidPad from other wikis is that your changes are automatically saved and re-formatted as you type. There is no need to continually switch from Edit mode to Display mode.

Personal Information Management

How do you manage all of the random bits of information in your personal and professional life? Word documents, text files, Microsoft Outlook folders/notes. If you're an expert user maybe you have a weblog, or a personal database, or possibly an outlining application. Where do you track your wifes favorite food, your bosses kids names, your personal todo list, the name of the movie you just read a review of, the name of the book a friend recommended? WikidPad was created to address this issue of personal information management. It provides a place to manage the massive amounts of information you have stuffed in your head, on stickies, or on your computer.

Downloading and Installation

Well, if you've read up to here, you must be anxious to get started learning and using WikidPad. If you haven't yet downloaded and installed WikidPad on your PC's hard drive (or thumb drive), head back to the start page and click the download link there. Save the wikidpad.exe installation file to a temporary location on your PC. Run the file. The installer will ask you where you want to install the WikidPad application - the default folder is C:\Program Files\WikidPad, but you can install to any other location, including a removable drive - like an Iomega ZIP Drive or a USB "Thumb Drive/Flash? Drive/Key? Drive/Jump? Drive". Installing to a removable drive means you will be able to operate your WikidPad files on any other PC that accepts that type of drive. The WikidPad files as well as its data files (files with a *.wiki extension) take up about 10MB on disk. The installer will offer to create shortcuts to the WikidPad program, and will also offer to run WikidPad immediately after installation.

If you run WikidPad now, it will automatically open a wiki called WikidPadHelp?, located in the WikidPad folder. It is recommended that you do NOT edit that wiki, since it will be used for your reference in the future.

Instead, go back to the GettingStarted section of WikidPadDocs, where you will learn to create your first WikidPad wiki.