InterWiki inside WikidPad

Wouldn't you like to use a proper InterWiki syntax in your WikidPad?

Means - have Shortcuts for URLs outside your WikidPad (types: http, file, etc...), based on your "interwiki map" See Also (explanations on what is interwiki and examples of usage):

All you have to do is Add a file named to your user_extensions.

import os, urllib

import wx

WIKIDPAD_PLUGIN = (("InsertionByKey", 1),)

def describeInsertionKeys(ver, app):
     API function for "InsertionByKey" plugins
     Returns a sequence of tuples describing the supported
     insertion keys. Each tuple has the form (insKey, exportTypes, handlerFactory)
     where insKey is the insertion key handled, exportTypes is a sequence of
     strings describing the supported export types and handlerFactory is
     a factory function (normally a class) taking the wxApp object as
     parameter and returning a handler object fulfilling the protocol
     for "insertion by key" (see EqnHandler as example).

     This plugin uses the special export type "wikidpad_language" which is
     not a real type like HTML export, but allows to return a string
     which conforms to WikidPad wiki syntax and is postprocessed before
     Therefore this plugin is not bound to a specific export type.

     ver -- API version (can only be 1 currently)
     app -- wxApp object
     return ((u"interwiki", ("wikidpad_language",), InterWikiHandler),)

class InterWikiHandler:
     Class fulfilling the "insertion by key" protocol.
     def __init__(self, app): = app

     def taskStart(self, exporter, exportType):
         This is called before any call to createContent() during an
         export task.
         An export task can be a single HTML page for
         preview or a single page or a set of pages for export.
         exporter -- Exporter object calling the handler
         exportType -- string describing the export type

         Calls to createContent() will only happen after a
         call to taskStart() and before the call to taskEnd()

     def taskEnd(self):
         Called after export task ended and after the last call to

     def createContent(self, exporter, exportType, insToken):
         Handle an insertion and create the appropriate content.

         exporter -- Exporter object calling the handler
         exportType -- string describing the export type
         insToken -- insertion token to create content for (see also

         An insertion token has the following member variables:
             key: insertion key (unistring)
             value: value of an insertion (unistring)
             appendices: sequence of strings with the appendices

         Meaning and type of return value is solely defined by the type
         of the calling exporter.

         For HtmlXmlExporter a unistring is returned with the HTML code
         to insert instead of the insertion.
         def gen_wikiPath(exporter,input):
             mydir=mydir.replace(':\\',':/').replace(' ','%20').replace('\\','/').replace(remove_me,'')
             return "wiki:///"+mydir+"/"+input+"/"+input+".wiki?page="


         for prefix,myurl in interwiki_map.iteritems():
             if insToken.value == prefix:
                 for i, apx in enumerate(insToken.appendices):
                     params += "%s" % (apx)
                 nice_params=unicode(params).replace("%20"," ").replace("%28","(").replace("%29",")")
                 result = "["+myurl+params+" | "+prefix+": "+nice_params +"]"
         return result

     def getExtraFeatures(self):
         Returns a list of bytestrings describing additional features supported
         by the plugin. Currently not specified further.
         return ()

How to use:

Add in a page (example):


In "Preview" you will see:

Wikibooks: C++_Programming/Code/Design_Patterns 
Wikipedia: Design_pattern_(computer_science) 

When the text above is linked to the desired target. Note: There is some problem with closing (right) paren - no way to keep it inside the link...

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